What is An Entrepreneur & What Type are You? [Even If You’re Still In the Closet]

what is an entrepreneur, Stephanie Holland, The Freedom Philosophy

Hands down the type of entrepreneur you are – even if you’re still in the closet — will come down to one single factor:

The reason you become an entrepreneur in the first place.

[Which BTW for all you closet entrepreneurs you will soon discover is the same reason you do anything you do.]

But first, the word ‘entrepreneur is bandied around so much that it’s not so clear anymore what it means. So what is an entrepreneur?

What is an entrepreneur?

Recently the word ‘entrepreneur’ has been collecting greater meaning than ever before.

Traditionally it has meant someone with an idea who takes action to bring that idea to life and see it through as far as it can go. Again and again. It was also associated with making money, but now it has become so much more.


If you’ve read The Freedom Philosophy Manifesto you’ll know …

  that we’re motivated by more than money.

We want to connect with each other and with the world around us. We let our beliefs and values guide our actions as consumers, and suddenly the meaning behind the products and services we buy is important to us.

We rally behind those who use their unique passions, talents and resources to do something that matters by joining their tribes, supporting their vision and spreading the word.

And we want what we do to matter, too.

Because when it comes down to it, when we strip away the surface layer of wants & needs defined by the status quo — the things we want because we feel afraid not to want them — we are free to outline more meaningful goals that align with a greater sense of purpose.

The personal experience is visceral; the real world impact very real.

And the fact is, even if you start with the primary intention of making money, you’ll soon realise that you need so much more that cash in your pocket to keep going past the hurdles, the potholes and Everests ahead of you.

Yeah, you don’t need hiking gear to climb mountains and deal with epic storms when you’re navigating the uncharted terrain of entrepreneurship. You need passion, purpose and vision, a driving force so powerful that stopping, quitting or retreating is not an option.

Your driving force — expressed as your entrepreneurial ‘type’ — will help you navigate the gauntlet that running out of money, failed launches and heartless critics present. (The factors that eviscerate those chasing only the pot of gold.)

You discover that you are so much more than your bank balance and material possessions that used to define you, making entrepreneurship a self-actualising experience beyond that which even MBA credentials could compete. 

So now that we’ve answered the question: “What is an entrepreneur?”, what type are you?

And if you’re still in the closet, what type of entrepreneur would you like to be?

The Future Maximiser

These entrepreneurs are motivated by:

  1. A vision of the future that transcends the world as we know it today. If you can dream it, you can do it.
  2. An unrelenting desire play an active role in designing the future (not responding to it). Look around you; the world as we know it now existed once only in the imagination of those who came before us.


  • Elon Musk, whose vision it is to colonise Mars. Read his inspiring mission in the book written by Ashlee Vance.
  • Richard Branson, whose vision is galactic travel and delivering the worlds first commercial space liner. Get your tickets here.

The Purposeful Prophet

These entrepreneurs are motivated by:

  1. Using their own personal story to empower, uplift, and educate others. If they can do it, so can you.
  2. Custom created solutions inspired by their own transformation to help others with similar pains & desires. If you have the right tools, you can get the same results.


  • Sam de Bruin, jaded with the corporate world, founded Karmic Cold Pressed Juicing mid-way through a 10-day juice cleanse. His epiphany was: I can totally do this, too! Raw, green, & clean just for the Melbourne market.
  • Gaia Ma, who transcended sex and drug addictions by embracing yogic teachings, co-founded Inanita a retreat and self-sustaining community in Nicaragua that provides healing, sustainability & permaculture education, and peaceful serenity for volunteers and visitors alike.

The Social Champion

These entrepreneurs are motivated by:

  1. A specific mission that leaves the world a little better than they found it. They see a problem in the world that breaks their heart or boils their blood and they want to change it or fix it.
  2. Pure compassion and empathy for the pain, suffering, desires or fantasies of others. They want to custom-create a new or better solution.


  • Who Gives a Crap asked the question: ‘What if we could build toilets in impoverished communities around the world by selling recycled toilet paper?
  • Sseko Designs founder Liz Forkin Bohannen noticed that women in Uganda couldn’t get jobs to save for college, so she employs them to make gorgeous beaded sandals and accessories, and sells their beautiful creations online to a global audience.

The Self Actualiser

These entrepreneurs are motivated by:

  1. Exploring & realising their personal passion, purpose and vision through entrepreneurship. The status quo is simply an example of what not to be.
  2. The pleasure of expressing their creativity, the process of spiritual enlightenment, and the pursuit of knowledge to apply as wisdom in their own life & teachings.


  • Danielle LaPorte is the personal development Queen, consistently devoted to her own self realisation and paying it forward through a portfolio of books, worksheets and journals designed to empower you to mastermind your own success.
  • Denise Duffield Thomas wanted to be a millionaire by the age of 30. Passionate about the law of attraction and manifesting wealth and abundance in all areas, she now shares what she learned through her Money Bootcamp.

The Everyday Optimiser

These entrepreneurs are motivated by:

  1. Turning every day essential tasks or experiences that are typically mundane, boring and chore-like into something more fun, easier, faster, cheaper, healthier, or more beautiful.
  2. A passion for the sharing economy to topple monopolies and force antiquated systems out of business (because good riddance) by providing a platforms for people to connect, collaborate, share and swap and say a big FU to the status quo.


  • Ed Molyneux is the co-founder of Freeagent, accounting software designed for people like me, that is people who never liked maths at school, still don’t like maths and would rather stick pins in their eyes than do a paper tax return. One-click end of year tax return anyone?
  • Airbnb or Uber need no explanation. Because screw expensive taxis and goodbye to expensive, impersonal hotel rooms with all those additional fees for powdered scrambled eggs in the breakfast buffet.

The Freedom Seeker

These entrepreneurs are motivated by:

  1. Personal and global sovereignty created using the scope and scale of for-profit or non-profit enterprise.
  2. The desire to screw the status quo, liberate themselves from debt slavery, re-define absolute freedom and share notes on how to do it.


  • Faiza Hajji connecting artisans around the world with global consumers with an app called eBatuta that yeps you & me find & share great places to buy local handicrafts. It connects independent craftspeople and artists directly with customers and foreign importers, liberating them from the tyranny of the corporations who would usually exploit their disconnection from the online marketplace.
  • Stephanie Holland (that would be me), former corporate misfit and creator of The Freedom Philosophy Classes, a unique online course aimed to liberate corporate misfits from the 9-5 and empower fledgling entrepreneurs to become CEO in their life and business.


The Heart of the Matter

If you’re a clever clogs you’ve already noticed something quite marvellous. These categorisations are not mutually exclusive. In fact you’re likely to be a combination. Being a multi-faceted human ‘an all.

The fact is, as entrepreneurs our ideas, offers, products, and services are themselves a platform for change.

Whether you help a woman feel confident in a bikini, teach someone with Type 1 diabetes to make tasty treats or colonise another planet, entrepreneurship is a level playing field where everyone — especially YOU — can make a difference.

There’s no scale when it comes to making the world a better place, the benchmark is just a little better than before.

The point is, YOU are the change we are going to see in the world. Gandhi knew it. And now so do you.

So which type of entrepreneur are you?

Image: Edu Lauton via Unsplash.com


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