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Stephanie Holland is a startup strategist for fledging & future entrepreneurs best known for her contagious enthusiasm for mindset and lifestyle as a foundation for thriving entrepreneurship.

With over a decade of experience in strategic planning & communications strategy for media agencies and digital publishers such as Yahoo!, MSN and AOL Huffington Post, she overlays the distinctive 3-part framework of life, impact & legacy over a passion for people, technology & game-changing business to present the The Freedom Philosophy.

The author of 2 books and counting, her work has also been featured in Medium, The Huffington Post and Leaders in Heels as well as other lifestyle magazines in the UK, US and Australia.

Her philosophy: Thrive First. Build Your Empire Second.


Fast facts...

Awarded a: Bachelor in Business from The University of Edinburgh, Scotland

Trained as a: Strategic Planner & Communications Strategist

Location independent for: 10 years

Lived in: 8 countries

Favourite location: a secret spot in Mexico


Qualified as an: Aromatherapist

Training to be a: Kundalini Yoga Teacher

Addicted to: almond mylk lattes & coconut macaroons

Favourite book: The Four Agreements by Carlos Ruiz Zafon

Would love to be fluent in: Spanish


Her work has been featured in...

She has appeared on...

The Breakfree Creativity Show

Launching Creative Show

Her signature program...

The Freedom Philosophy is a DIY Startup Guide for creatives, future entrepreneurs + change makers who want to set themselves up for success before and after they quit the 9-5.


A systematic, repeatable framework for people who want to set themselves up for success before and after they quit the 9-5.

A resource dedicated to slicing through the bullshit, smashing upper limits, and minimising the guesswork & burnout that characterise self-made entrepreneurship.

Her books...

In the excitement of starting up, fledgling entrepreneurs create another job instead of a freedom life and a business that sustains it. But what if you could stabilise the roller coaster of starting up?

The Freedom Philosophy takes people out of their self-imposed comfort zones and challenges them to consciously craft a freedom lifestyle while they start their business.

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What if you could *literally* unfurl your brilliance across the universe?

Absolutely on Purpose isn’t just a collection of visionary common sense for life, art and entrepreneurship. It’s a kick-ass guide to living with passion, purpose and vision, and a smörgåsbord of ideas on how to impact the heart of humanity by doing whatever you love.

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What her peers say...

What The Freedom Philosophy students are saying...

So down to earth and no bullshit. It's like she's sitting right next to me and actually coaching me live on how to get my act together and get started with my business. She anticipates the curveballs and objections one at a time, like she's in your head. The exercises help you internalize and visualize where you stand in your life and where you want to go, they pull you in and force a welcome introspection. Stephanie has a genuine interest in helping you identify your own meaning and purpose in a way that suits YOU.

Annie Dawson-LaForest
Annie Dawson-LaForest Future Entrepreneur

I found it truly refreshing and eye-opening. The course content is easy to follow and brilliantly entertaining. The questions are powerful, if you dare to answer them! She makes it easy to take action around the content; the theory + exercises fit together perfectly. She guides you through what it takes to create a strong foundation for a business that supports your vision of a 'freedom life'. It's full of life-hacks which is super useful for getting sh*t done and creating more purpose and meaning in your life in general.

Adrian Bonnadio
Adrian Bonnadio Future Entrepreneur





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