The most robust
& effective method
of failure-proofing your business


Starting and growing a business has never been easier.

There are 6 steps to starting and growing a successful business in our beautiful, ultra-connected world:

  1. Create an incredible product or service.
  2. Develop an intimate knowledge of your target audience.
  3. Generate a stampede of traffic to your offer.
  4. Optimise for conversions to ease your people through your funnels.
  5. Make your offer irresistible & then sell like a champ.
  6. Scale for world domination.

So why do you feel like you're going round in circles? Never 'arriving', and always a little behind?

With an awesome idea, 1,000s of business strategies and tactics at your fingertips & the commitment to experiment, experiment, experiment like a mad scientist, success is pretty much guaranteed.

So let's explore what's really going on here.

Here's what I know about you...

You're a woman with a goal.

In fact 'goal' is an understatement.

You want to change the world with your ideas.

You want to make a profit as a result of leaving the world a little better than you found it.

You've deliberately chosen to make your mark through business & entrepreneurship.

You've traded a promising career to be in control of your own direction.

No surprises so far.

I mean, the Dalai Lama did say that the Western woman will change the world.

The trouble is....

You're (tick from the following):

√ Overwhelmed

√ Burnt 'out'

√ Broke

√ Frankly 'effing over it

You ping pong between feeling crazy-excited to just plain crazy.

You've invested thousands in business training and courses.

You devour every free skills or tools-based training you can get your hands on.

You've thought about Facebook ads, podcasts and webinars, and maybe even tried them.

You've created what feels like thousands of optins, but no one signs up.

You have one or two sales here and there but not enough to pay for life.

You're starting to feel isolated and alone in your challenges because everyone around you seems to be doing so well.

But here's the truth.

The people succeeding are not succeeding because of business.

Their business is succeeding because of them.

They are showing up energised, focused and excited about their life and work.

They are showing up as organised and visionary leaders for their life and work.

They are in control, happier and less stressed in their life & work.

What the business experts and growth hackers don't share — while they're selling you their business blueprints — are the mindset & lifestyle strategies that underpin their success.

What the 'follow your passion' purveyors don't tell you is that passion alone will never be enough to guarantee your success.

And even if you build a strong foundation for your business (a strong plan, strategy and model; an incredible website; awesome communications, successful list building, awesome products and services; and killer sales and marketing.)

And even if you can troubleshoot the mechanics effectively (your niche, your ability to drive traffic to your offer, maximising your conversions, nailing your offers, and scaling like a mofo)...

If you don't recognise yourself as your most important business-building asset then you will not be able to stay in the game long enough to see the results you're looking for.

Your mindset and lifestyle are a strategic imperative for your success in life and work.

The way you live now, the way you feel about your life and work now define the results you will create.

And I am absolutely
going to help you with that.


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| philosophy
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| 3.0

The definitive guide to keeping your wits,
staying in the game, and launching your ideas
with more ease, vision & likelihood of success.

The only way to failure-proof your business is to cultivate the core fiber of an entrepreneur so you can stay in the game long enough to get the results you're looking for.

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Loving the Freedom Philosophy and noticing BIG changes in my energy levels just by tweaking a few of my habits and routines. Very liberating and space clearing. I feel more freedom with my time and get more done. Amazing huh? Thank you Stephanie for gracing this earth with your gift!!! You’re so inspiring and your enthusiasm is infectious! I’m glad I took the leap.

Cheryl Mair
Cheryl Mair

It's helping me stabilise the roller coaster of starting up. I had been working 7 days a week, 12 hours a day and I was burning out about once a month, but I've begun to structure my day to bring distance between me and my ideas. It's great to invest in building a foundation for a freedom life, too. I feel I'm on the verge of a breakthrough, the edge!

Jonathan Povey
Jonathan Povey

Hey, I'm Stephanie. My first business idea bombed and began the adventure of a lifetime that led to The Freedom Philosophy.

I created my first business in January 2014 thinking I knew it all. I'd been consulting with entrepreneurs for five years after a decade in the corporate world and thought this gave me the credentials I needed to launch successfully.

Wrong. I focused on commercial success so ferociously that everything I knew about cultivating healthy mind and happy lifestyle flew out the window. In the rush to prove that I knew what I was doing by generating results fast, I worked 24-7 to launch my ideas.

I created The Freedom Philosophy to teach you what no one else does - that the best business strategies, blueprints and frameworks in the world don't work unless you show up with entrepreneur mindset + lifestyle at the outset.

Don't become a Bloomberg statistic; don't be one of the 80-90% of startups that fail within the first 18 months. Build a freedom life, and then a business that supports it.

Thrive first. Build your empire second.

The Freedom Philosophy Curriculum is 100% online...

People who can shift their mindset in the 4 key areas we identify in the course are able to experience more freedom and craft better plans that make better sense for their goals.

  • Create a big picture vision for your life so you can actively shape a future you feel excited about (and use that feeling to fuel your day to day)
  • Identify your core areas of priority focus so you can stat closing the gaps in your vision from today.
  • Design your spacious calendar - so you can begin scheduling yourself for success.
  • Manage your mind 101 so you can manage loose ends and start with a clean slate
  • Create a dynamic vision for your business so you have an unstoppable driving force behind your ideas

  • Run a full-body MOT and a plan of action so you can create your strongest entrepreneur body ever.
  • Inject power into your morning without a lengthy routine
  • Liquidate your most important asset so your thinking & creativity never run dry
  • Switch from autopilot to in control so you can go from always reacting to strategic overdrive
  • Sleep your way to success so you can utilise the full capacity of your time & energy daily
  • Cultivate a healthy tech life so you can leverage technology for your life and work, not be a slave to it

  • Identify the three secret saboteurs so you can knock the wind out of them & keep going with your ideas
  • Learn the truth behind your future failures & how to use them as a tool that shapes the future
  • Build you success vault so there is no doubt in your mind exactly what you’re capable of achieving
  • Plan for the problems of success to shift your thinking towards the direction of your goals
  • Keep showing up even when no one else does so you can perfect what you’re doing while no one is watching

  • Create a dynamic vision for your business so you have an unstoppable driving force behind your ideas
  • Add electrifying impact & legacy goals to your business vision to ensure they are worthy of your focused ambition (and not short term thrills without long term benefits)
  • Define your roles as CEO and employee so you can perfect the balance between planning & making things happen
  • Develop a flawless foundation for your core project focus so you can build your business on solid ground
  • Define your 10-year target & create your 12-month plan so that results drive every single action & activity you undertake
  • Manage your mentors so you can stay focused on exactly what you’re doing NOW, and avoid the shiny objects of distraction that proliferate the startup world

When we're not blocked by the common misperceptions, expectations and surprises of entrepreneurship, we are free to enjoy a more joyful and meaningful process of growing our business into something successful.

100% Online | In Your Own Time | On Your Own Schedule.

20 lessons. 20 worksheets. Extra resources. Bonus content.
Access the online classroom via any device.
Watch or listen to the lessons based on your learning style.
Complete the worksheets digitally or print out and use pen and paper.

This 4-week online course trains you to be your own life + business mentor.

It makes it easy to cut through the bullshit and smash through your upper limits so you can move forward in your life  + business with absolute clarity right now.

It brings together timeless wisdom and contemporary strategies from the business, personal development and spiritual communities in one easy-to-follow and action-oriented framework.

It's step by step.


The first of its kind.

After the classes you will have cultivated...

| The core fibre of an entrepreneur: Guts. Instinct. Tenacity. Resilience. Fearlessness.

After the classes you will be able to...

After the classes you will go on to create...

| An Electrifying Brand.
When the vision you have for your life and work excites the cr*p out of you it permeates your products, your communications & your marketing.

| A thriving lifestyle.
When you summon the courage to admit what you truly want and claim it *now*, you don't have to wait for commercial success to enjoy your life. It starts now.

Stephanie is such an inspiration. I feel as though she's in my mind; I felt like she was hearing my thoughts, fears, concerns about starting up, and responding directly to them with logical reasoning and perspective shifts.  Her style is really raw and peppered with quotes and research. She has the gift of connecting with her audience in a really easy-going way. As someone in transition from corporate to entrepreneur, it really hits the spot for me.

Stacey Palmer
Stacey Palmer Future Entrepreneur

Stephanie is a talented motivator — I feel rearing and ready to go — she's opened up my mind to possibility and empowered an uber-positive outlook. The content was amazing. It's a free flowing, fast paced yet structured style that takes you on a fun journey. It really revs you up. I got the feeling I could trust her completely in giving me direction. I particularly loved the content about how to create a 'thriving life' as well as her personal anecdotes and experiences.

Adam Bonnadio
Adam Bonnadio Future Entrepreneur


  • A systematic, repeatable framework for people who want to set themselves up for success before and after they quit the 9-5.
  • A resource dedicated to slicing through the bullshit, smashing upper limits, and minimising the guesswork & burnout that characterise self-made entrepreneurship.
  • A step by step process that empowers you to thrive while you're building your empire and gives you the tools to succeed without sacrificing your lifestyle or risking spiritual bankruptcy.

| Jump on the waiting list!

Hop on the waiting list & I'll let you know when it opens up in early 2018.

| For corporate misfits with big ideas or an entrepreneurial pulse but no idea how to start.
| For solo entrepreneurs who want to build a business around their own personal freedom.
| For solo entrepreneurs experiencing the pain, drama and burnout of starting up.

  • Follow your ideas with more ease, vision and likelihood of success
  • Use failure as a tool to shape the future
  • Thrive on all levels regardless of commercial success and financial wealth
  • Cultivate leadership qualities and avoid working 24-7
  • Develop meaningful metrics of success that catapult you towards your goals faster

Freedom Philosophy takes people out of their self-imposed and restricted comfort zones and challenges them to discover their own ‘zones of genius’. A truly expansive experience, you are challenged to identify your own, individual purpose so that you can use that as the source for your ‘freedom business’ inspiration.  A great resource for anyone who feels stuck in a career rut but has the audacity to dream of an alternative, more fulfilling way of life.

Stephanie Ressort
Stephanie Ressort Creative Entrepreneur

Startup Without An Idea is honest, personable, impeccably researched and insightful. It has the perfect amount of flair and disregard for the rules. And there's a lot of love in this course. I'm a huge fan of the exercises; I like the bravery of the content & voice. The questions invoke the perfect degree of discomfort for me, guiding me to point where my foundations were really shaken. This course won't tell you want you want to hear. It'll force you to admit what you truly want.

Tim Herring
Tim Herring Creative Entrepreneur

So down to earth and no bullshit. It's like she's sitting right next to me and actually coaching me live on how to get my act together and get started with my business. She anticipates the curveballs and objections one at a time, like she's in your head. The exercises help you internalize and visualize where you stand in your life and where you want to go, they pull you in and force a welcome introspection. Stephanie has a genuine interest in helping you identify your own meaning and purpose in a way that suits YOU.

Annie Dawson-LaForest
Annie Dawson-LaForest Future Entrepreneur

I found it truly refreshing and eye-opening. The course content is easy to follow and brilliantly entertaining. The questions are powerful, if you dare to answer them! She makes it easy to take action around the content; the theory + exercises fit together perfectly. She guides you through what it takes to create a strong foundation for a business that supports your vision of a 'freedom life'. It's full of life-hacks which is super useful for getting sh*t done and creating more purpose and meaning in your life in general.

Adrian Bonnadio
Adrian Bonnadio Future Entrepreneur

| I feel energised and capable of changing the world.

This perfectly filled a gap that was stopping me from fulfilling my life’s passion on a universal level. It has found me after much success, still struggling to get my big idea out of the gates. It’s helped me, a seasoned entrepreneur discover what is holding me back. THANK YOU, THANK YOU.

The combination of insightful quotes, realistic approaches and the holistic strategy are mind blowing. It resonates with me on so many levels (business + life + spiritual). I’m a scientist and a skeptic—you have entranced me and expanded my thinking about not only what is possible (i get that!), but HOW it is possible.

| Re-launching 3.0 in April 2018

Hop on the waiting list & I'll let you know when it opens up in early 2018.