Mindset & lifestyle training
for fledgling & future entrepreneurs.

A portfolio of digital content & training
to help you cultivate the core fibre of an entrepreneur.

Digital Courses

Self-study courses: 100% digital download so you can do the course at home on your own time. Purchase individually or save $185 and receive extra bonuses when you enrol for The Freedom Philosophy Classes.

Conscious Leadership

Take control of your life and get ready to launch your ideas.

You will learn...

  • The 4 most important areas to invest your time
  • How to make limited resources work in your favour
  • How to turn every day into powerhouse potential
  • How to set up your schedule so you don't work 24-7
  • How to reach your goals with minimal effort

You get: 5 video lessons / 5 audio lessons / 5+ PDF worksheets

Personal Sovereignty

Set yourself up to thrive on all levels of body, mind and spirit while you launch your ideas.

You will learn...

  • Your 4 core pillars of your thriving life
  • Your four critical rhythms and why they must be synched
  • The master key to unlocking entrepreneurial mindset
  • The secret to feeling refreshed and revitalised 24/7
  • The ultimate recipe for an always-vital life

You get: 5 video lessons / 5 audio lessons / 5+ PDF worksheets

Failure-Proof Mindset

Learn how to use failure as a tool to shape the future.

You will learn...

  • How to relate to your ideas so they don't drive you insane
  • How to avoid feeling dwarfed by the achievements of others
  • How to use criticism to improve your ideas
  • How to use the concept of 'positive mind' so you can hold your own
  • How to keep showing up even when no one else does

You get: 5 video lessons / 5 audio lessons / 5+ PDF worksheets

Focused Ambition

Create meaningful goals & bullet-proof your ideas.

You will learn...

  • How to set high integrity goals
  • How to prevent 'urgency' delaying your business goals
  • How to create bullet-proof validation for your ideas
  • How to nurture your goals with or without resources on hand
  • How to build momentum before you start up

You get: 5 video lessons / 5 audio lessons / 5+ PDF worksheets

The Freedom Philosopher Bundle

[Save $185]

A complete DIY Startup Guide for creatives, future entrepreneurs + change makers who want to set themselves up for success before and after they quit the 9-5.

It's a first-of-its-kind online course that helps you create their freedom life before and while you create a business.

Special features...

  • All 4 digital courses
  • Life time access to the online classroom
  • Additional resources & recommendations to supplement the modules
  • Additional bonus material including 'Essential Startup Strategy' mini course