How do you become happier, less stressed and more in control of your business?

You develop a 4-Step Overwhelm Avoidance Plan, of course!

Heads up: In this post I use ’empire’ as a metaphor for modern business. In our beautiful, ultra-connected world we have the potential to reach hundreds of thousands, if not millions with our offers, and with that comes not only wealth and reward, but also a huge responsibility to our ‘people’ and ’empire’: our audience, clients, customers and the planet. That’s why I’ve called the Checklist for this post ‘The Thriving Empire’ Checklist.)

When you first started your business, did failure seem a bigger concern than overwhelm & burnout?

If yes, then you’re not alone.

Mitigating the risk of failure is the #1 priority of tiny business and startups alike.

But let me blow your mind for a moment.

90% of startups fail primarily due to founder burnout.

Due to founder burnout!

So if you want to avoid failure, you MUST avoid (or handle) overwhelm & burnout as a strategic imperative.

Either way, if you’re starting your own business to create more freedom, a better lifestyle and more space and time to enjoy the things & people you love, it’s critical to enjoy the PROCESS of launching you ideas into the world.

That’s a non-negotiable; you just never know how LONG it will take to get the results you’re looking for.

Let’s face it, sh*t will happen in your business.

There’s a lot to feel overwhelmed about when you’re getting started.

(Whether you’re bootstrapping or have venture capital behind you.)

Your ideas might fail, your launches might bomb, you might get PITA clients, but if you love your life and lifestyle, cultivate a curious, experimental mindset and are truly committed to the life and business you want to create, you can start & continue to grow a profitable business OVER TIME without burning out or becoming overwhelmed.

The good news is that it’s never your business that overwhelms you; it’s how you approach it.

Which means it’s entirely within your control to avoid or HANDLE!

Are you ready for the 4-Step plan?

Here it is.

Here are your 4-steps to being happier, less stressed & more in control of your business

Step 1: Become radically organized & visionary in your life & work

A crystal clear vision for your life and work that fires you up is critical in our beautiful, ultra-connected world.

Our culture of biggest, better, faster and more, more, more can distract is from what matters most, and have us striving towards results that we don’t really care about, leaving us with businesses — and lives — that don’t light us up.

Instead, they exhaust us.

As the architect of your own life and business, your first step is to craft a vision and blueprint for your life and work that excites the cr*p out of you.

This drives you to create a schedule that prioritises YOU and what matters most to you.

Including time to take extraordinary care of yourself. Which brings us nicely to Step 2…


Step 2: Reclaim your personal sovereignty

Our capacity to tap our inner reserves of brilliance and resilience is a strategic imperative for building our empire.

Even if it’s a mini one!

We put too much pressure to succeed fast, and in doing so damage our most important, business-building asset. Our Self!

Overwhelm and burnout threaten not only your ideas, but the life you want to create. Taking extraorindary care of yourself is a strategic imperative.

As the sovereign ruler of your mini empire, your first duty is to thrive on all levels— physically mentally and emotionally — so you can stay in the game until you get the results you’re looking for.

And to avoid the only thing worse than financial bankruptcy – spiritual bankruptcy!

Your body is a brilliant, wildly intelligent organism, but it needs your help to stay that way.

It’s critical to weave Personal Sovereignty — personal power — into the foundation of your business.

Because thriving people build thriving empires.

Step 3: Cultivate a failure-proof mindset

Business is simply the art of making a hypotheses, conducting an experiment that proves or disproves it, and using the results to determine the next hypotheses, and repeating that process again and again UNTIL you get the results you’re looking for.

And yet….. we bring so much drama to the equation that we mistake the results we DIDN’T want as ‘failure’, and overlook the potential of every single result to help us shape the future.

As a future-focused leader in our life & work, it’s critical to master our mind so we can use failure as a tool to shape the future.

When we begin to identify the drama we bring to our work: our fears, worries and concerns, and what we make ‘failure’ mean about who we are personally, we liberate ourself to focus 100% on what matters most: hypotheses and experiments on repeat until we get the results we’re looking for.

Step 4: Commit to focused ambition

Focusing on ONE thing seems a counterintuitive strategy for multi-passionate humans (especially when it’s this very characteristic that brings flavor to our products, services, offers and brand).

Yet without a laser sharp focus on ONE thing right now, our thoughts remain scattered, we go round in circles open to distraction by the latest shiny new tactic or strategy, and risk accomplishing nothing at all.

In knowing what you want to have created at a certain point in the future, a natural order of ideas & projects emerges. It means not only do we know what to create and when, but our audience also experiences then a more natural evolution of our ideas.

When you identify your core project focus right now — maybe it’s creating a course, or launching a podcast —  into month by month results-driven goals you have clarity about what you need to do every single day.  It’ll maximise your creativity, producitivy & momentum, and you can consider your goals ACCOMPLISHED before you even start.

So there you have your 4-step plan:

  1. Become radically organized & visionary in your life & work
  2. Reclaim your personal sovereignty
  3. Cultivate a failure-proof mindset
  4. Develop focused ambition

If you’re already feeling overwhelmed, this also makes an excellent recovery plan.

Don’t forget to download the Thriving Empire Checklist


I’ve created a detailed checklist for you to activate the component parts of this 4-step plan.

(You should see a pop-up inviting you to download it.)

I designed it for ambitious women who want to launch their ideas with more ease, vision & freedom.

However, if you’re an ambitious man, you’re welcome, too.





Stephanie Holland
Stephanie Holland

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