The process of niching down has been my personal nemesis.

Many people fear that targeting a niche market in your business will limit your potential audience size.

Au contraire.

Focusing on a niche market — a specific customer ‘avatar’ — expands your audience.

Why? It enables you to create relevant content & offers that are no brainers for you audience.

(In contrast to ‘speaking’ to everyone. Your message & content will be too broad when you try to be all inclusive.)

But that wasn’t my reason for taking so long.

It took me a loooong time to focus explicitly on ambitious women.

Instead I focused on ambitious HUMANS.

My reason is weird, and maybe — as a woman — it will offend you.

(Keep reading, though… it ends in a good place.)

I began one-on-one coaching in 2014.

It was so easy to work with men.

They were more pragmatic; they did their homework; they got excited about the math.

I.E. By ‘math’ I mean: If I have 100 members in my membership site at $29/ month that’s $2,900 in recurring revenue every month.

My female clients couldn’t get to the math.

They struggled with self doubt.

They were less able to create time for their business.

They were soooo afraid of failure.

They struggled to commit to one idea.

And they were already overwhelmed with life.

It created a huge barrier between them and their ideas.

It was a whole LAYER of challenge that I hadn’t prepared for!

At first I questioned whether they REALLY wanted it or not.

By ‘it’ I mean:

  • To be in control of their own direction.
  • To live and work on their own terms.
  • To launch their ideas with passion, purpose and vision.

Of course I also have moments of Self Doubt. I’m human too!

But I recognize it, pin point the thinking, change my thinking, and take MASSIVE ACTION around my goals.

I percolated on the conundrum for a long time.

How can I remove that layer?

What’s really going on?

And that’s where The Freedom Philosophy Classes began to stir in my mind.

I began thinking of mindset & lifestyle as a strategic imperative.

As pre-business strategy.

And that body of work — now an immersive multimedia experience — has re-shaped the way I work with women one on one.

I literally begin business strategy with the passion, purpose and vision layer.

I’ve found a way to undermine the doubt, fear and excuses by replacing it with passion, purpose and vision.

Now when I see the lightbulb go off — when my client embodies her reason ‘why’ — I realise that THIS is the challenge I was always meant to solve.

And then we can get into the maths and mechanics of business.

And SHE can get really, really excited about that.

The more we focus on math & mechanics the more likely we are to get the results we’re looking for.

And then creativity, productivity and momentum goes through the roof.

To bring the story FULL CIRCLE, it took me so long to commit to my niche market because I had yet to create the solution for them. The solution they needed a LOT.

I found the solution by identifying the problem and putting my heart and soul into solving it. (I help YOU do the same, BTW)

You might go into business offering something in particular and realize there is a different problem to solve.

In my case I went in thinking I was there to help people launch their ideas into the world with simple startup strategy.

As it turns out, I’m 2000% committed to activating the passionate and purposeful & visionary entrepreneur inside every woman.

That’s a very different kind of work. And I LOVE it.

Are you ready to activate the ambitious woman inside you?

Are you ready to ‘niche down’ and change the game for a very specific group of people on the planet?

Are you ready to have an impact & profit from your creations?

The Dalai Lama said:

“The world will be saved by the western woman.”

I’m certain he meant the ambitious ones.


Are you ready to shake of the shackles of self doubt and get the ball rolling?

I’m here to take you from ‘not sure how to start’ to ‘exited to have a game plan’ and ‘passionate’ purposeful and visionary’.

Book a free 30 min call with me here.

If it turns out I can help you, I’ll suggest how we can work together.

If not, I’ll bet I know a person or resource than can.

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Stephanie Holland
Stephanie Holland

I'm a strategist & traveler obsessed with thriving on all levels and helping fellow entrepreneurs launch their ideas with more ease, vision and likelihood of success.