Mentoring for ambitious women with adventurous hearts.

If you have a dream, goal or decision to make
but tend to get overwhelmed or flustered
when it comes to taking action,
I´m your greatest ally.

Hey there, I'm Stephanie.

I have a unique gift for simplifying complexity, powerful perspective shifts, uncovering hidden opportunities, and crafting the immediate next steps that fast track your efforts.

But mostly I’m great at cutting through the bullshit. I  help you:

Clarify. Identify what´s really going on.

Simplify. Shift perspective to reveal more ideas and new opportunities.

Take action. Develop a strategic, step by step action plan. No fuss. No drama.

Ready to fast track your dream, goal or decision making?

You are clear on a big life goal but not sure how to break it down into clear, actionable steps so you can start today.

You’re confused about what you want and desire a structured approach to uncovering your passion & vision for your life. 

You have an incredible opportunity in front of you and you need the support, advice and encouragement to say YES! And move confidently towards it.

You want to change career, move abroad or create a location independent lifestyle and you want support from someone who has done all three.

You feel stuck or want fresh insights, perspective shifts and ideas around a specific problem or challenge that you just can’t seem to shift.

I can help you bust through your internal roadblocks and circumnavigate real world barriers AND define the next immediate and practical action steps. ASAP!

No more waiting, wondering or sitting there hoping for a miracle.

You will know EXACTLY what to do to get the results you’re looking for.

What my clients say...

Denise Henry, founder of United States of Able

Going into it I was dumbfounded as to how I might move forward with my job search and career change/relocation. I felt there are many things that I can and should be doing in order to develop both as a person and as a brand. I tend to get overwhelmed and flustered when I feel like I’m not doing the right things at the right time.

Stephanie opened my mind to strategies that many have never even considered and it gave  me a new locus of control. I can now envision myself learning all of the necessary parts of my dream while actively enjoying life and learning from my surroundings.

Kasey Snyder, Travel Nurse (now living in LA)

Stephanie is a  natural-born mentor. She listens intently and asks strategic questions. It's like she can read my mind. I really wanted to try travel nursing  however my tight knit family didn’t  approve.

Stephanie gave me the strength to realise this is my life to live and a dream that I can make happen.  After our sessions I came up with a plan and a few months later I was nursing in Colorado. It was one of the best decisions I ever made… and my family still loves me. Stephanie has a bird’s eye view of life with the ability to see from many different perspectives. She  helped make my dream a reality.

What happens after you sign up?

Here's what happens next:

  1. After your PayPal payment is processed I’ll send you a welcome email with a client Services Agreement, worksheet and calendar link attached.
  2. You’ll sign and return the Client Services Agreement.
  3. You’ll schedule your session(s) via the link. Sessions are paced 1 month apart if you’re booking a package of 6.
  4. You’ll complete the worksheet before our first session and send it to me. It will help you begin the process of big picture thinking and help us start strong.

Package of 6: You can reach out to me by Skype/ Whatsapp/ Facetime between sessions for bursts of clarity and/ or meltdowns. I’m your girl for the whole 6 months.

Ready to sign up?

Choose your package below.

Option 1:


A single power session to give immediate clarity around a pressing issue or burning problem. We dive deep into the situation, use perspective shifts to uncover opportunities, and create an immediate game plan.

Perfect if you’re new to me and/or not sure if mentoring is right for you. If you’re blown away by what happens in our hour together and want the benefits of an advanced game plan and consistent accountability you can then invest in the 6-month package (see below).


1 x 60-min call via Skype/ Whatsapp/ Facetime

Price: $195


Option 2:

6-MONTH POWER PACKAGE {Clarity + Advanced Game Plan + Accountability}

With this package you receive advanced support, guidance and accountability over a 6- month period so you can catalyse your goals with me by your side every step of the way.

6 power sessions paced one month apart over 6 months. You will receive a Big Picture worksheet to dive deep into the bigger picture before  we kick off, and we’ll spend the next 6 months working together to engineer your goals.

Each month we dive deep into the next major step in your advanced game plan. They are full of insights, epiphanies, perspective shifts and action. You might also received relevant recommendations for helpful resources, tools, books and additional worksheets where relevant.  Included: You can reach out to me by Skype/whatsapp/ Facetime between sessions for bursts of clarity and/ or meltdowns. I’m your woman for the whole 6 months.



  • Big Picture Worksheet
  • 6 x 60-min call via Skype/ Whatsapp/ Facetime
  • Phone and Email support between sessions

Price: $995


3 Hour Guarantee: 

If you book the package of 6 but after one session you feel it’s not right for you, I will refund you less the cost of one session ($195). Simply  request this withint 3 hrs after finishing our first session.

A custom game plan for you and your goals; a new framework for simplifying complexity; an empowered approach to your dreams and future decision making.

Clarity, simplicity and action.   
This is the practical advice, support and ecouragement you’ve been waiting for.

Stephanie Holland is a former strategist for the world's original startups (Yahoo!, MSN, AOL Huffington Post) obsessed with mindset and lifestyle as a strategic imperative. She now helps fledgling & future entrepreneurs validate their ideas AND design the immediate next steps that will generate momentum towards their startup or business vision.

With a combination of digital media, marketing and creative strategies she can outline a strategic plan that will take your idea from your imagination and catapult it into the real world.

A writer, author, strategist, traveler, aromatherapist and yogi, she knows exactly what is means to follow your passion, purpose and vision and put your ideas out into the world.

Got a question?

If you have any questions please contact me prior to purchasing a session or package.

Simply hit the CONTACT ME tab at the bottom of this page.

Lynsey Landry

Stephanie has a true gifts for turning thoughts and visions into tangible actions.  I am type of person who typically knows what I want, but when it comes to putting my visions and dreams into words or breaking them down into action steps – I totally get stuck and overwhelmed.

My session with Stephanie was simply AMAZING.  She has a way of lovingly getting to the core of my vision, breaking it down, and turning it into a strategic action plan.  By the end of the session I not only had a clear vision of my next steps, I also had a clear vision of how to take my business to the next level. Stephanie puts her whole heart and soul into her work.

Lynsey Landry, Lynsey Landry
Gabe McGrath

Stephanie’s pre-work document was really powerful — it gently nagged me with ‘why, why, why’ and demanded I thought much more deeply about why I’d had my idea, who might care about it, how they might respond to it, and what my struggles were.

If you have ‘that thing’ smouldering away at the back of your mind and you need someone to help you shape it into something attractive, doable, inspiring and effective – Stephanie is your guru.

Gabe McGrath, The Plugged-In Writer
Andrea Miller

The most important thing Stephanie taught me was to take the time to validate my idea and do proper research prior to launch.  

But not just any research, research that would inevitably deliver the language and tone of all my future communications to my target audience.  She is excellent in ensuring you have covered your bases and are steering in the right direction.

Andrea Miller, Slindir
Sam de Bruin

Stephanie has an extraordinary ability to assist in articulating the ideas & passions that are stuck in my head.

She gave me the tools and clarity to flesh out my ideas and create a concise plan to propel me towards the business and life I dream of. She has a passion to help others follow their dreams – her energy is contagious.

Sam de Bruin, Karmic Cold Pressed Juice
Gee Foottit

I feel so much happier, in control and excited about what I’ll achieve in the next 6 months after my session with Stephanie.

The biggest shift for me has been a greater focus on my WHY, as well as on what is in my power to change immediately. I have greater clarity around how I need to spend my time. I know the next stage of my business will be challenging but I feel very clear on my next steps; a weight has lifted and I know I’m moving in the right direction.

Gee Foottit, Juice Philosophy
Shaun Morgan

Stephanie is one of the most creative, energetic and passionate strategists I have ever met. She has an ability to combine fresh and insightful perspectives with strategic thinking to deliver unique and effective ideas.

She sparks new ways of thinking that ignite and engage, and she moves effortlessly through the process of creating strategies founded on audience insight and understanding. Working with Stephanie is exciting and rewarding.

Shaun Morgan, Paint the Sky
Amy Morice

Stephanie is an artist with words and has a natural ability to connect with right-brain thinkers. She helped me filter through the busy-ness in my mind and create a clear template for turning my crazy ideas into a structured business model.

Her approach is organic, flowing and adaptable. This is a vital part in my journey of being absolutely on purpose.

Amy Morice, Amy Morice Yoga
Su Zafar

Going through a structured process enabled clarity and understanding of business strategy and how the business will ultimately be based on your true/inner beliefs and passions.

Lots of tips and recommendations to improve the business and how to approach the website inspired a new longer term action plan.

Su Zafar, Let's All Makeup
Ildiko Brunner

In the time I spent with Stephanie I got a clear vision and guidance on what exactly I need to do for my business to not only revive it but to be able to sustain it and make it the best I can for the years to come. Thank you Stephanie for your inspiration, passion and for sharing your knowledge.

Ildiko Brunner, Raw In Montreal