Business is a powerful expression of who you are and what you believe in.

It’s one of the most challenging and fulfilling ways to:

  1. Fulfill your desire for growth and contribution.
  2. Test your commitment to your ideas.
  3. Confront how deeply you love, respect and believe in yourself.
  4. Be in charge of your own direction.
  5. Make a living doing something we’re passionate about. 

Good thing we know NONE of this before we start. Because it’s pretty DEEP, right?!

I would have run a mile! I mean, all I wanted to do at the beginning was help people launch their ideas.

We head into business with a BIG vision and BIG goals with a BIG smile on our face.

The problem with business goals.

Everything we do creates a RESULT.

Therefore our business goals should be based on the results we want to generate.

People often set goals without thinking about the results they will generate.

Like what we have to overcome to accomplish them; who we’ll become, and how we’ll feel about that.

And very little thought is put into why we want to achieve them beyond defining the actual output (the book, the course, the app etc)… and the money we want to generate…

… like how creating it, selling it and delivering it will change the way we live.

Which makes sense when you realize that…

Your business goals create a bridge between the present and the future.

Your business goals are building blocks for the vision you have for your life and business.

  1. They act as stepping stones towards your ultimate business vision. 
  2. They define the results you want to generate.

The results define the tasks & activities. The tasks & activities define the day to day.

Your business goals set the tone and agenda for the work you do every single day.


You're ultimate vision is to have 100% online, location independent business.

What you wouldn't do: Set a goal to coach 100 clients in person over the next 12 months.

What you might do instead: Establish an online coaching practice (using a platform like Skype or Zoom) to coach your clients online. Right from the start.


  1. You get really good at coaching online.
  2. Your clients get used to your way of working.
  3. You build the business you want.
  4. You can live wherever in the world you want.

Knowing your ultimate vision (100% online, location independent business) would help you generate the appropriate goal (build an online coaching practice) and define the products, services and offers (online coaching calls via Zoom, self-coaching courses, online memberships etc) that you generate.

And WHAT you create determine what you do every single day.

This is called high-integrity goal setting.

You just have to create goals that align with what you really want.

What really matters to you.

High-integrity goals align with what really matters to you.

Business is more than creating, selling and delivering products and services.

The business you create has the power enable or disable your perfect lifestyle. That means your ability to set high-integrity goals from the outset can literally make you or break you!

When you know what you want and what you want to create you can create business goals that help you accomplish both.

From creating a blog to a podcast to a new product or service, every goal you create and commit to has a ripple effect on your life and the world around you.

You'll be spending hours of your time and energy into your creations. If they are not aligned with the ultimate vision you have for your life and work, the entire process of making, creating and selling them won't feel good.

And your audience will notice that.

Before you commit to your business goals, ask these 7 questions.

I've added sub questions to each so you have different ways to think about the questions.

#1: Why for you?

  1. What will achieving this goal help you achieve, feel or accomplish beyond the actual output, and why is this important to you?
  2. Who will it help you become, and how will you feel about that?
  3. What will you have to overcome to achieve this goal, and what will this change for you?

#2: Why for the world?

Beyond the profit you hope to generate...

  1. What is the impact it will have for your audience, and your clients & customers?
  2. What will it help others to think, feel, say, dream or do?
  3. How will the world be different because of it?

#3: What's the success metric? How will it affect your bottom line?

  1. What are the success metrics for this goal?
  2. How will these metrics affect your ultimate 'bottom line'?
  3. Where relevant: What is your revenue target for this goal?
  4. How will achieving this revenue goal help you achieve your next goal?
  5. How will achieving this revenue target make you feel?
  6. What will you have to sacrifice or compromise to achieve it? Is it worth it?

#4: Can you set clear RESULTS for this goal?

  1. If you were to place this goal into a 12-month plan, could you define the month-by-month results you hope to generate?
  2. How many months would this take up? Does that make sense for you?

Results are 3-fold:

  1. A monthly result (or output) E.g. Podcast outline or 6 episodes recorded.
  2. A planned metric of success E.g. 100 episode downloads.
  3. Actual metrics: E.g. 250 episode downloads.

#5: What will it feel like while working towards it?

  1. How will it feel to invest your time, energy and money into this goal?
  2. Will the process feel good?

#6: Is it worthy of 100% of your focus right now?

Is this goal incremental and a stepping stone to achieving the ultimate vision you have for:

  1. Your business
  2. Your life

Is this goal the IMMEDIATE next step for you?

Is it worthy of 100% of your focus right now?

#7: How does it fast track you to your ultimate vision?

  1. Is your goal incremental and the immediate next step to turning your ultimate vision into reality?
  2. Does it guide you towards the picture of how your business looks and feels 3 years ahead?
  3. Does it align with the 10-year target you have for your yearly revenue and what your organisation will be known for?
  4. Does it empower your impact and legacy goals - the ripple effect it has in the world around you now, and how the world is different because you were here?

Setting powerful goals for your business that align with who you are and what you want will save you hours and hours of mistakes and bad decision-making later down the line.

I hope these 7 questions help you create high-integrity goals that bring more ease, joy and vision to your day to day.


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Photo by Estée Janssens on Unsplash

Stephanie Holland
Stephanie Holland

I'm a strategist & traveler obsessed with thriving on all levels and helping fellow entrepreneurs launch their ideas with more ease, vision and likelihood of success.