S1E4: How to Turn Passion Into Expertise + Launch An Online Program w/ Gee Foottit

How to launch an online program, Stephanie Holland, The Freedom Philosophy

Have you ever felt that your work might be taking a toll on your physical well-being and begun to question if your career is actually not very good for you?

This is what Gee Foottit had to ask herself when corporate entertainment & the busy-ness of the rat race in her financial services career led to weight gain.

Inspired to go on a Juice Cleanse Retreat she realised she had discovered something truly powerful.  

Not only did she lose the weight but she learned the principles that would create a vibrant life.

Her path to wellness entrepreneurship was sealed when her company Juice Philosophy was born, leading to her current business project and growing online business The Wedding Day Body Plan.


▸ Learn how she became an expert in juice cleansing & detox.

▸ Discover how she went from working one-on-one clients & building digital information products.

▸ Hear how she built an online course & classroom and how she made her first online sale.


Gee shares her greatest challenges around becoming a wellness entrepreneur while pursuing a career in the world of financial services.


If you’ve discovered a solution to your own problem and want to build a business by helping others do the same, this is the episode YOU want to watch.


▸ How to become an expert in something you’re passionate about

▸ The steps that take you from obscurity to selling your first products (Hint: visibility!)

▸ The challenges of launching an online program and getting it off the ground


How to Turn Passion Into Expertise + Launch An Online Program



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About Gee Foottit

Gee Foottit, The Juice Queen, is a detox expert. She is passionate about helping brides-to-be get into perfect shape, health & vitality for their wedding day. Combining the 3 core principles of self-awareness, nutrition and exercise, The Wedding Day Body Plan is a simple, easy-to-follow online program that fits into the busiest of lifestyles. She believes it’s a blueprint for life that can keep you fit & healthy beyond your nuptials. http://TheWeddingDayBodyPlan.com

About Stephanie

Stephanie Holland is a startup consultant and mindset & lifestyle coach who spent over a decade working for the original startups. At roles at Yahoo!, MSN, Microsoft and AOL Huffington Post she designed creative and digital media strategies for blue chip companies like BMW, Warner Brothers & Allied Domecq.

Today she focuses on helping ambitious humans cultivate the core fibre of an entrepreneur so they can follow their ideas AND stay in the game until they the results they’re looking for. Her flagship course – The Freedom Philosophy – helps fledgling & future entrepreneurs stabilise the roller coaster of starting up.


Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash