S1E3: How To Set An Epiphany in Motion & Launch A Product w/ Sam de Bruin

How to launch a product, Stephanie Holland, The Freedom Philosophy

Have you ever wondered if REAL people would pay REAL money for your idea?

That’s what surprised Sam De Bruin, creator of Karmic Cold Pressed Juice based in Melbourne, Australia.

I mean, it’s one thing to have a life-shifting epiphany in the middle of the night, and quite another to turn it into a business.

Yes, the idea for Karmic came to Sam in the middle of his own juice cleanse experience. Feeling like a caged chicken in his banking job, he quit to become a wellness entrepreneur.

▸ Learn how storytelling & conviction create a compelling brand.
▸ Discover the benefits of complete transparency with your customers.
▸ Hear about his latest business decision and his latest turning point as he heads in a new direction in Karmic and in life.

Sam will share his greatest challenges around launching and growing product-based business, and becoming one of Melbourne’s most personal brands.

So what do you need to do to launch a REAL product? Ask Sam *live* on the show! Yes, you can ask him live on the show!

If you want to launch a REAL product, but aren’t sure if people will actually pay you for it, this is the episode YOU want to watch.



▸ The power of epiphany and how to set it into motion
▸ How to find out if REAL people will pay REAL money for your idea
▸ The day-to-day challenges of launching a product-based business


How To Set An Epiphany in Motion & Launch A Product Based Business



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About Sam de Bruin

Sam de Bruin co-founded KARMIC in 2013. Sam is never satisfied with the status quo mindset and is curious about the mysteries of the universe. Having studied Accounting and Banking Finance at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia, and worked at Macquarie Bank, Sam has first hand experience of the monotony and soullessness of corporate life. However, by setting in motion a midnight epiphany, he has discovered there is a way out of this slavery. https://karmiccoldpressedjuice.com.au/

About Stephanie

Stephanie Holland is a startup consultant and mindset & lifestyle coach who spent over a decade working for the original startups. At roles at Yahoo!, MSN, Microsoft and AOL Huffington Post she designed creative and digital media strategies for blue chip companies like BMW, Warner Brothers & Allied Domecq.

Today she focuses on helping ambitious humans cultivate the core fibre of an entrepreneur so they can follow their ideas AND stay in the game until they the results they’re looking for. Her flagship course - The Freedom Philosophy - helps fledgling & future entrepreneurs stabilise the roller coaster of starting up.


Image:  Lacie Slezack via Unsplash