You have this gnawing, pesky,
smouldering desire to do something
meaningful with your life.

Well let's do something about that.

I'm on a mission to liberate you from the status quo so you can live & work with passion, purpose and vision and launch your game-changing ideas into the world.

I want to teach you how to be your own life & business mentor so you can go from "meh" to marvellous in your life and work.

Well hello. Of all the websites in all the world, you show up on mine.

I'm Stephanie. Pleased to meet you.

I am a maverick strategist & corporate rebel who empowers corporate misfits & fledgling entrepreneurs escape the 9-5 and be their own boss.

In fact, anyone who wants to take control of their own direction, launch their ideas with passion, purpose and vision, and avoid the pain, drama and burnout of starting up.

I believe that you have a soul-deep impulse to be free and live & work on your own terms, so I have created the worlds first resource dedicated to helping you cultivate the core fibre of an entrepreneur so you can stabilise the roller coaster of starting up.

And to do that sustainably, joyfully and impactfully I believe you need to become your own life coach & business mentor.

So you can go the distance until you get the results you're looking for.

I want you to be able to architect a freedom life, craft a freakin' awesome lifestyle, failure-proof your mindset, and craft a freedom business.

I did get a degree in business {yawn} but frankly I learned more about life & business from 15 years as a strategist, consultant & coach, freelance writing for lifestyle magazines in the US, UK, Australia, blogging for Huffington Post, Leaders in Heels & Medium, writing & self publishing two books and traveling the world for the last decade.

{I also became a professional aromatherapist and am half way through Kundalini yoga teacher training}.

I work from my laptop and love macaroons, hot beverages and flowers. 

And I've created my own freedom life.

When did the The Freedom Philosophy begin?


It could have been the moment a career coach at Microsoft told me. “Stephanie, do you understand what will happen if your attitude doesn’t change?” I had no clue what she meant but later discovered that being fired was top of the list. (2005)

It could have been when my body stopped digesting the foods I’d eaten all my life, and I had to cut out gluten, wheat, yeast and dairy (2007)

It could have been the moment I sat round a table of marketing directors at [a global cereal company], listening to them plot a campaign for rice krispie bars that would make mothers feel guilty at back to school time. (2010)


All these moments were softly pushing me away from a life I consciously designed, but no longer felt aligned with.


But it could also have been the moment I realised that I could use my corporate skills for good business, when a raw food company in Montreal flew me over for my first consulting gig (2011)

Or the moment I discovered that people consistently ask me for advice about their life, work and relationships, and I’m a catalyst for profound change and meaningful action (2012)

Or even the moment a coaching client said…” … you are my go-to for delving deeper into my very own personal freedom business and life.. Thank you Stephanie, from the bottom of my heart.” (2016)


The truth is there is no beginning or end to The Freedom Philosophy; only an evolving realisation of who I really am and how I can leave the world a little better than I found it.


But the real turning point was how sick to death I was of corporate chest beating and ego politics, and being bullied, side stepped and maligned so insidiously that my subconscious had a permanent migraine & my digestive system determined to strike until BIG change happened.


I was a bad employee anyway.


Despite a highly strategic approach to everything and creative energy that put the actual creatives to shame, I was poor at toeing the corporate line, would have rather stuck pins in my eyes than manage a team, and was unwilling to climb the ladder because — really — no one I admired was at the top of it.


I simply followed one of my curiosities.


Essential oils. I moved to New Zealand and immersed myself in the feeling of joy that comes from doing something you love.


And I wanted more.


So I shared my passions and discoveries on a blog. And I liked it. And joined a freelance writing course at the Australia Writer’s Centre. And I got published in magazines in the UK, UK and Australia.


And then…


An interview with a raw food company in Australia lead to my first consulting role where I could finally — penny drop! — use my AMAZING corporate skill set for good business.


And the rest is history.


This lead to my first book, absolutely on purpose, experimenting with guiding people through strategic startup principles (coaching), the second book, The Freedom Philosophy, and my flagship multimedia course, The Freedom Philosophy Classes, a a self-study strategic coaching program for people who want to set themselves up for success before they quit the 9-5.

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And if you're ready to escape the 9-5 & be your own boss ...


When you know how to be your own life coach & business mentor you will know how to figure out what you really want. When you know what you want you can be happy, do impactful work, and leave the world a little better than you found it.