How to be successful? is a question more easily answered if you remove one of the end results typically associated with success (that makes most people feel like a failure).


When money — oodles of it — is the key determinant of success you get a world filled with companies like Walmart that chase profit at the expense of everything else, and the regrets of good humans who sell their good companies to bad companies:


“I regret selling Green & Blacks to Cadbury. It was a mistake. A great shame… I wish I’d kept hold of it.” — said William Kendall, farmer turned entrepreneur, to The Telegraph in October 2015.


Success can be measured in terms of dollar bills or shareholder dividends, but the world at large and a growing tribe of people who want to leave the world better than they found it are challenging the status quo by exploring how to be successful in a more natural, more profound way.

  1. By being themselves.
  2. By knowing what they want.
  3. By being the best in the world at what they do.

How to be successful is about good people doing good business, regardless of their scope and scale.

Because guess what?

When you are yourself, when you know what you want, and when you’re the best in the world at what you do, you can stay in the game until you get the results you’re looking for.

And yes that can include oodles of money. But as an end result of being a good human who does good business. And you get to that with the 3 steps above.

The two online entrepreneurs have empowered my own startup trajectory not only with their free & paid content and products but also because…

  1. They are both introverts who’ve developed a global audience. wow.
  2. They skirt the periphery of the status quo & irreverently laugh in the face of it. ace.
  3. They laugh in the face of protocol & how things ‘should be done’. brava!

They are both good people doing good business.

They are Regina Anaejionu and Paul Jarvis.

Regina Anaejionu aka ByRegina


Regina is single-handedly humanising our collective approach to teaching, writing, and selling online.

I didn’t have to make this up. It’s right there on her homepage headline, but I can repeat it word for word because it’s actually true.

Her belief that each and very one of us is legendary comes through in every blog post, email and ebook she’s ever written and every webinar she’s ever presented.

A long term hustler, she has built a 6-figure digital information empire that employs 4 people full-time from scratch.

Her personal story & teaching style is characterised by heart & hustle.

She’s an introvert who’s harnessed her superpowers to teach others how to show up as themselves, and leveraged the internet to magnify her scope and scale. Globally. 


Regina, I love you! You’re all heart, your business is an extension of that, and that you make heart-driven (high-integrity) decisions that bring strategic focus to your business. And I so appreciate that. Love, Stephanie 

What she’s up to:

Regina creates and published more free and paid content & courses than every other online entrepreneur put together.

And she’s not afraid to shift trajectory in an instant when the ‘feeling’ is off or she’s just offered something that doesn’t seem possible to execute once the reality has set in. She iterates, re-purposes, re-creates & re-imagines non-stop. She’s a one-woman idea machine clearly powered by a very competent team.

She really is a ninja. An epic ninja.

Stuff she’s written:

She has some excellent guides on her Gumroad store like:

  • A Guide to Creating a Stellar Content Plan
  • The Guide to Creating an Epic Information Product in 3 Days

Yes… she wants YOUR work to be epic, too.

What she’s passionate about:

From a my hybrid customer/ fan perspective she’s super passionate about finding a model that works for her and her goals, and helping her audience — who she genuinely LOVES — succeed.

She has raving fans that chat and support during her live webinar trainings. There’s so much love flowing through each webinar you’d be forgiven for thinking it’s a hippie convention! Free love anyone? You’re in the right place. It’s awesome.

Best blog posts:

Her blog is an epic as her use of the word. Check out:

Her flagship endeavour:

She has just created Business School for Humans for which there is a free introductory element and pre-requisites to join the paid element.

This project is a result of a heartfelt pruning in her business to do what she really wants to do the way she really wants to do it. 

How to subscribe & learn more:

I recommend signing up to her weekly ninja notes (email newsletter). It’s epic!


This woman is a content machine, the only question is: can you handle it?!


Paul Jarvis at

Paul might be the most irreverent human online.

He’s a nerd. He loves rats (check out his cute favicon).

And he’s totally someone you could have over for dinner as long as you can throw together something sans produits animaux (he’s vegan) and you thrive on intelligent debate.

I don’t even know this much about some of my friends, yet alone other entrepreneurs I follow. Yet Paul’s brand, positioning and products are driven by his values & beliefs and injected with pints of personality at every single point of contact.

If Regina is a super hero, then Paul is a super human.


Paul, you rock! You talk, you listen, you perfect like a pro. You have the courage to go against the grain and your realness empowers critical perspective shifts for your tribe. Thank you for bringing independent thought back to business.


What he’s up to:

Paul is a designer turned prolific-writer-empassioned-teacher-analytics-obsessed-online-educator whose Creative Class is a niche training program for freelancers.

But it’s his writing that won me over hook, line and sinker: having written for Fast Company, 99u, The Next Web, GOOD, Elephant Journal, Design Taxi, Medium and many other publications, his weekly Sunday Dispatch is probably the best weekly email out there, in any genre.

From questioning the point of productivity through why you should quit more he’ll have you leaning forward on every word and figuring out how to actually integrate it into your life.

Stuff he’s written:

(Sign up to his newsletter to get a discount on all three)

What he’s passionate about:

From a my hybrid customer/ fan perspective Paul is passionate about finding out what works for him, and then teaching that to others. It’s the makings of a brilliant business strategy. He’s not afraid to test and iterate, a super human quality!

Best blog posts:

All of them. Start with these.

His flagship endeavour:

Alongside creative class he teaches how to use Mailchimp, has just launched Ringtail (an e-commerce app for Mailchimp) and hosts Invisible Office Hours podcast with one of his partners in crime. (NOT a rat!)

How to subscribe & learn more:

Get on the list for the Sunday Dispatch. It’s ace.


Open to a perspective shift? He’ll wake you up. (And you didn’t even know you were asleep.)

What are your thoughts on how to be successful in our digital age? Are you in it for the money, or do you want to leave the world a little better than you found it, or both? What's your take on the 3 steps to becoming a good human who does good business? Drop me an email!

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