A freedom business is sustainable, impactful, profitable business that supports your vision of a freedom life while you work on leaving the world a little better than you found it.

It’s a direct response to a growing crisis: our inner and outer worlds in chaos and seeking alignment.

A freedom business is sustainable, profitable business that supports your vision of a freedom life. Click To Tweet

The system might be broken, sure, but this climate is a catalyst for purposeful entrepreneurship, at the heart of which is a freedom life for anyone who dares to claim it and create it.


We are actively opting out of the system and taking control.

We don’t want to work harder and longer — we want to work passionately and purposefully.

We want to create, build and grow our lives, businesses, products and services in a world that we care about.

We care about people. Community. Environment. Sustainability.

And we’re taking it all on our personal quest for greater meaning and purpose behind what we do.

Suddenly, the meaning behind the products and services we’re offered is important to us. And unlike the generation before us, our definition of success no longer pivots around a flawed focus. Because..

We are motivated by more than money.

We want to connect with each other and with the world around us. We let our beliefs and values guide our actions as consumers, and suddenly the meaning behind the products and services we buy is important to us.

We rally behind those who use their unique passions, talents and resources to do something that matters, by joining their tribes, supporting their vision and spreading the word.

And we want what we do to matter, too.

The desire to connect with others is the driving force behind many of the grassroots startups with millennials at the helm.

We learn best practice for business and entrepreneurship through the collective wisdom of mainstream and alternative voices in the creative and business communities.

Encouraged to follow our own passion, purpose and vision, finding and doing business with our own distinctive voice has become the foundation upon which we can thrive, regardless of background, education, or apparent adversity.

Cheeky instigators bring these powerful voices together through podcasts and vlogs to inspire the discovery of our own passion, purpose, and vision, and to let us know we are not alone. This sense of community is not only empowering, but also inspiring and educational – two building blocks of millennial DNA.

Faced with an apparent lack of resources (like jobs and paychecks), we inspire and educate as we go while discovering a better way.

Thousands of fresh-faced graduates have found themselves unemployable, yet this is the driving force of our entrepreneurial nature.

Not content with signing up for benefits or receiving handouts, we are instead solving the problems we face and using the solutions to rally others to help us create a world we want to live in.


We create solutions and rally others to help us create a world we want to live in. Click To Tweet


We are no longer selfish. We just want more.


More passion. More purpose. More vision.

It seems personal adversity and heartache brought about by a crumbling system breeds the desire to create and inspire others to create sustainable change.

As our communities grow, they harness the power of the crowd to deliver sustainable change. What at first is a ‘fun’ engagement with other like-minded people becomes a way to be a better consumer, and a better human.

But all these companies — your and mine — are really doing is tapping into the fundamental human desire to do the right thing.

The desire to ‘do the right thing’ extends to enabling others to achieve their own goals and define their own metrics for success.

Fundamentally it comes down to asking ourselves the right questions. One of the most defining traits of millennials is the flexibility with which we approach our ‘career path’, happily changing our vision to match our passion and purpose.

As Millennials we happily changing our career vision to match our passion and purpose. Click To Tweet

No longer seeking ‘stability’ from a world in which this no longer exists, and defined by more than a large paycheck, we are free to explore and discover the many different ways our impact can be felt across our lifetime.

There is the belief that business can also be seen as an experience and an adventure, and not just a way to earn a living.

The emphasis placed on experience and impact is defining a new model for business, which is filtering up from teenage YouTube stars into Generation X and beyond.

You don’t have to be under 35 to embrace a more purposeful, visionary future. “Millennial” is just a mindset.

You don’t have to be under 35 to embrace a purposeful, visionary future. Millennial is just a mindset. Click To Tweet

We don’t just believe…

… we know that business can be a force for both economic and social good.

We know that you don’t have to donate to charity or start a non-profit to ‘do the right thing’. Simply acknowledging our available resources and learning how to use them without harming people or the planet is the key to good business.

Demonstrating who we are, what we do and how we do it replaces the old-school CV. Our business is our story.

We tell real stories — of our how, and our why — to bring connection and meaning between what we do and what we buy, fuelling our sense of connection to other people and the planet.

When we infuse products and services with meaning at each end of the spectrum — from source to consumer — more people support the vision and philosophy.

And success takes on a different meaning.

Traditionally, when people mention ‘success’, they are referring to a benchmark determined by the establishment, meaning: work-for-pay earning oodles of money, and the material possessions and lifestyle that accompany it. But success is a very individual experience, and far less easy to quantify than it used to be.

At the heart of entrepreneurial success is setting an example of self-care. Balance. A sense that we thrive beyond our business, beyond our ideas, and regardless of success or failure.

And with our ideas spreading as quickly as they are conceived, we can create, lead, join and follow tribes of like-minded people for whom the quest is also less materialistic and far more spiritual.

In doing so we are rediscovering what it’s like to be part of a community.

We’re connecting to others through our quest for purpose and meaning on a global scale.

We’re connecting to others through our quest for purpose and meaning on a global scale. Click To Tweet

The definition of success is no longer measured according to how wealthy we are, but relates to sustainability, impact and service to others, and is measured on the strength of our connections and contribution.

Our ability to deliver on these measures is directly proportionate to our focus on our passions, the strength of our purpose, and the clarity of our vision. It has become essential to design our life around our passions, our purpose, and our vision.

It’s dependent on us escaping the career trap and freeing ourselves from the 9-5.

The Freedom Philosophy is on a mission to help you do exactly that.


Image: Esmee Holdijk via Unsplash.com

Stephanie Holland
Stephanie Holland

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