How I Maintain Daily Motivation to Do What I Do


Over the past 5 years I’ve done consulting, coaching, I’ve written 2 books and created an online course — and experimented with quite a few other things — and I’m often asked: ‘How do you stay motivated to do what you do?’

Daily motivation is easier when you have a bigger picture vision of your life and work.

Even if you’re passionate it’s hard — and it IS work — because when you’re starting up there’s so much that met be done that sits outside of zone of genius & joy. It’s sheer grunt work and that only makes sense if you are passionate about the bigger picture.

I don’t belief daily motivation possible without it.

Is the marketing side tough? Yes.

Is the tech side tough? Absolutely, yes.

Have I nailed my business model yet? No.

Have I hit 6 figures yet? No.

So how the hell do I stay motivated?

If I were to really break it down there are 3 specific things that fuel my daily motivation. And this is what we’re talking about in today’s episode!



So what are the 3 things that keep me motivated?

  1. My lifestyle.
  2. My impact.
  3. My legacy.

But they don’t just fuel my daily motivation.

They keep energised. Striving. And engaged. Because neither of the 3 have any upper limits.

  • I can always upgrade my lifestyle.
  • I can always expand the scope and scale of my impact.
  • And I can keep evolving my legacy.
  • Business is simply another way to upgrade yourself in all areas.

It’s why I keep following my ideas, experimenting, making & creating new stuff and throwing it all out there.

So let’s talk about each of them in a little more detail.

When it comes to my…

#1: My lifestyle

I think what’s motivating about it is that it’s perfect right now. I’m not waiting until some time in the future to live the way I want to live. I spend most of my time living near the beach and traveling.

I’ve created a lifestyle that I fiercely protect and that is immune to the commercial outcome of my business. Mostly because I’ve really explored exactly what I want in my life: freedom, ocean, travel and those things are very inexpensive. At least the way I do them.

It takes a lot of pressure off my ideas; I don’t resent my ideas and project because they’re not making money. I’m free to work on them with integrity because I don’t rely on them to support me yet.

I love to travel. It’s my stillness, my oxygen and my lifestyle. It’s just the way I live. At first it saved me from the corporate world, then it allowed space for me to follow my ideas, and now it’s enabling me, sustaining me and supporting me while I grow my business.

On a practical level it keeps me energised and alert and reduces my living costs so there’s less pressure to rush to commercial success. But in terms off lifestyle it satisfies my craving for freedom and adventure while I work on my freedom business model.

So basically I’m not delaying how I want to live my life until some distant time in the future. I’m living it now. I have my perfect lifestyle now!

When you know how you want to live and create that for yourself now, there is no looming expiry date for your ideas. You have a lot more freedom to follow them and nurture them for as long as it takes to see the results your looking for.

And so I find it incredibly easy to work on my ideas with more and vision. Because my lifestyle is AWESOME I love my work… I’m not sacrificing my lifestyle to grow my business.

This removes the kind of urgency that burns you out really quickly.

So what is your lifestyle theme and how close can you get to it right now?

Figure out your lifestyle ‘theme’:

  1. What is your oxygen?
  2. What is your stillness?
  3. What are you doing when everything makes complete sense to you?

Build a lifestyle around that theme! Mine is travel. What’s yours?

It doesn’t have to be your business, it’s the way you live. But it can be both!

When it comes to my…

#2: My impact

I’m also really clear about the impact I want to have. I want people to feel inspired and empowered to make meaningful change in their lives so they can be, do, have and share what they really want to be, do, have, and share.

This is what I want for myself, and what I want for others. I’m passionate about doing work that’s infused with purpose and meaning and that supports my vision for a freedom life. And if I’m a few steps ahead of others who want the same then I can share what I learn as I go.

I’ve heard so many times that we teach other what we most want for ourselves and I couldn’t agree more with this statement. As I continue to discover new ways to enable and activate my freedom life that that liberates me from the status quo, I keep sharing that! That is very motivating.

So as I learn to thrive on all levels – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually – while I launch my ideas, my strategies and hacks become my product and marketing content. Like this blog post. The way I stay motivated is to have my life and work revolve around my lifestyle, my impact and my legacy. And I’m sharing that with you!

In the spiritual community they talk a lot about service, and how being in service to others is what enables a sustainable life & business. But it’s also reflected in the business community too where more and more people are passionate about having an impact in the world around them.

The only tricky part is knowing what impact you want to have.

  1. What personal pain do you want to solve?
  2. What boils your blood when you look at the world around you?

For me I wanted to liberate myself from the status quo, and empower others to do the same.

Start with these questions and follow the breadcrumbs. They’ll lead you to the impact you want to have. When people talk about your ‘why’ this is what they mean!

When it comes to my…

#3: My legacy

I’m so passionate about evolving my legacy as I go. You might might think of legacy as something you leave behind when you die and you’d be right but I think that’s only half of what legacy is about.

I think legacy is also something you create as you go, as in literally the legacy you leave by your thoughts, words and action TODAY and everyday.  I find that so incredibly empowering. It’s so life affirming. 

So when I reflect on what I’ve accomplished so far I think of my first book that made it easy for people to articulate their passion, purpose and vision, and that one person who read it went on to quit their corporate job and found a cold-pressed juice company that now enable 350 clients every month to be more healthy.

I think of my course that enables people to develop more meaningful metrics of success, and that one one person feels like it’s helping him to stabilise the roller coaster of starting up.

But I also know that neither of these projects would have been possible if I had never studied aromatherapy because that led to a passion for writing and sharing my discoveries with others. And that if I had never done coaching I would not have had to figure out a way of working with people without working with them directly and never gone on to create an online course that anyone from anywhere in the world can do DIY.

This interconnectedness of everything inspires the belief that every single thing I’m doing right now is evolving my legacy. At the moment I celebrate my success in terms of micro results, one person at a time, and the ripple effect of empowering one person.

If I focus on my own metrics of success and I acknowledge the legacy I’m creating as I go, I’m already leaving the world a little better than I found it.

I don’t have to wait to be celebrated by the world for my commercial success or having hit 6 or 7 figures. Those aren’t my metrics. They are someone else’s. I’m focusing on celebrating where I’m at right now.

  1. What are the micro results you can celebrate today?
  2. How can these help you define more meaningful metrics of success as you go?

The ripple effect of your micro successes are how the world is different because you were here. And this happens now, not as an after thought from the after life.

So that’s how I maintain motivation to do what I do.

  1. I’m living my perfect lifestyle right now.
  2. I’m having an impact right now.
  3. And I’m evolving my legacy as I go.

What’s your motivation? What keeps you doing what you do?

And how can your current lifestyle, impact and legacy inspire you?

How do you maintain daily motivation? Drop me a email!


Image: Jakob Owens via Unsplash