In this show we talk to Caroline Arnold, executive coach at carolinearnoldcoaching.co.uk.

Although Caroline discovered her passion for coaching early and pursued it as her corporate career for almost a decade, we find her a year into her own brand and business where she is taking her purpose and vision to a whole new level.

With a perfectly defined who-what-why she shares her favourite tips for work-life balance and reminds us that business is a constant evolution of trying things out that revolves around great organisation, giving yourself permission, and being kind to yourSelf.

In this show we talk to Sam de Bruin, the visionary behind Karmic Cold Pressed Juice Co. in Melbourne, Australia.

Karmic was born during a 2am epiphany after he had already executed a power move that hit eject on the corporate world, proving that ideas flourish when we give them space to exist.

He shares the challenges faced by a product-based business and the reality of having business partners.

Most of all he reminds us that our life and business are in constant flow and when we lean into it, the 'how' takes care of itself.

In this show we talk to Gosia Scarrott, a personal stylist shaking up the world of personal branding with a unique approach that puts self care and self-acceptance at the core of her offer.

Passionate about the personal transformation that occurs when we take responsibility for how we feel and when we allow our driving force to guide our decision-making, she believes that success is 80% mindset.

She reminds us that clarity is a strategic imperative and asking for help is a non negotiable.

In this show we talk to Alex Inchbald, the visionary instigator behind Creative Leadership Partners, a 7-person team unlocking the creativity within large organisations so that the world's greatest problems, like climate change, can be solved more creatively.

Alex combines his flair for consulting and coaching with his belief that the creativity of the individual has a ripple effect in the world around us, and keeps his own creativity unlocked with a combination of painting in extreme locations and a single one-word question.

He reminds us that our greatest vulnerabilities can catalyse the spiritual growth that unleashes true leadership.

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In this show we talk to Andrea Miller, founder of Slindir, a dating platform that connects people passionate about health & fitness.

She shares her story of starting up on the side and the moment of reckoning when she decided to quit her corporate job, and we discover how ending her business partnership, outsourcing and committing to herself has helped her achieve her goals.

She reminds us that at the end of the day there is no choice but to go for it because we have nothing to lose.