Can you imagine quitting your corporate job and starting your business without clear business vision?

Or — shock, horror! — even if the vision you have for your life is still a little fuzzy?

That’s what our guest, Tristan Cox did.  He left his role as a Strategic Account Manager for an Email Marketing Agency to travel the world and teach yoga.

Why? To save his life.

Hear the story of Tristan’s critical turning point that led to the decision to pursue a completely different path.

Learn how this nomadic yogi is building his empire from the ground up & adding clarity to his business vision as he goes.

He shares his insights about bootstrapping from scratch and doing everything on the cheap. And one simple but crazy effective strategy for getting started that you’ll kick yourself for not realising sooner.

If you have a soul-deep impulse for change but no clue exactly what you want to do or how to start, this is the episode YOU want to watch.

We discuss why not having a clear business vision is never an excuse for not following your ideas, and one simple perspective shift that will help you get started today.

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How to start a business without a clear business vision


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In this episode you'll learn...

▸ How quitting your career and hitting the road can save your life
▸ How to leverage the strengths you never knew you had
▸ How to start from scratch and build your empire on the cheap







About Tristan Cox

Tristan Cox, ex Strategic Account Manager at an Email Marketing Agency, teaches anyone and everyone how to take back control of their lives through yoga. He offers a series of free workout videos on YouTube and a one-week beginner yoga video challenge via his website. He’s busy preparing to lead retreats in 2018 in El Salvador where he re-discovered his love for yoga. They say when the student is ready the teacher appears. Tristan hopes he can be that teacher you need.

About Stephanie

Stephanie Holland is a startup consultant and mindset & lifestyle coach who spent over a decade working for the original startups. At roles at Yahoo!, MSN, Microsoft and AOL Huffington Post she designed creative and digital media strategies for blue chip companies like BMW, Warner Brothers & Allied Domecq.

Today she focuses on helping ambitious humans cultivate the core fibre of an entrepreneur so they can follow their ideas AND stay in the game until they the results they’re looking for. Her flagship course - The Freedom Philosophy - helps fledgling & future entrepreneurs stabilise the roller coaster of starting up.

Stephanie Holland
Stephanie Holland

I'm a strategist & traveler obsessed with thriving on all levels and helping fellow entrepreneurs launch their ideas with more ease, vision and likelihood of success.