Founder burnout is the primary reason that 80% of startup businesses fail, according to Bloomberg.

A podcast episode I listened to recently said it was closer to 95%.

We’ve all heard stories of passion & inspiration turning into an 80 hr week.

Because before you know it you’re cramming as much as possible into all your available time.

The fallout is that slowly you stop taking really good care of yourself.

And before you realise it, your beautiful life slowly gets squeezed out of your beautiful life.

But because burnout is a process that happens over time, and creeps so insidiously into every aspect of life (all 18 of them but more on that soon), it’s hard to prevent unless you consciously take ownership of the way you live and work right now.  

So today I wanted to remind you to take really good care of yourself.

And give you 5 BIG reasons why this is the most important thing you can do for your life & work.


1. Burnout is the primary reason that startups and small business fail.

Just imagine: thousands of hours of time and energy invested in researching, planning, executing, web development, communications, marketing, creating products & services & working with clients… only for it all to come to a grinding halt.

Your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual stamina is 1000 times more important and critical to the success of your ideas than a business plan, strategy or model right at the beginning, because what’s most important is maintaining your passion, purpose and vision so that you can figure those things out as you go.

Your idea or project is 100% reliant on your being able to stay in the game until you get the results you’re looking for.  

2. Burnout can lead to debilitating neurological disfunction.

According to this research study it changes our neural circuits, reducing our ability to cope with stress.

Er… what?! If we can’t cope with stress, can you imagine how difficult it will be to function with all the major and minors stressors of everyday life & business?

As an entrepreneur or small business owner you must be able to cope with stressful situations so that you can focus on solutions to challenges and problems, not how they make you feel.

When you realise that everything that happens is a RESULT, then you can focus on implementing new ideas to change those results, not crying over your morning coffee.

Mindset is your key to staying sane and in the game.

3. Burnout is like a lead weight on your immune system.

It leaves you open to more day to day colds, flus and allergies, and longer term conditions like cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer (according to research found in Psychological Bulletin).

The effect of emotional stress on our physical bodies is obvious; like feeling so sad you cry, or so nervous your cheeks turn red and you get butterflies in your stomach. But it also affects how well our body functions every day, like the quality of our sleep and our metabolism.

And you know that’s a vicious spiral to no place worth going to.

Exercising, nourishing your body, taking time to breathe, rest, relax and play, and enough-sleep-for-you is the key to getting more done in less time. And less stressing about it too.


4. Burnout will trick you into thinking your life has become an emotional roller coaster.

The massive tax of burnout on our emotions is becoming more and more obvious with the increasing levels of suicide in Silicon Valley and beyond.

The extreme sense of failure and the perceived pressures to succeed owing to the Unicorns with million dollar buyouts and IPOs cannot be underestimated.

What burnout carries is the false message that you’re failing; that you’re not good enough, worthy enough or smart enough. That in some way you are falling so short of expectations you should just give up and go back to your day job. Or disappear into obscurity.

But really what’s happening is that you’re tired; you need more sleep, exercise, play and time with friends. And other nourishing things.

5. Burnout leads you to question why you started in the first place.

So much that you STOP. You begin to feel uninspired, that nothing you do makes a difference.

Your passion, purpose and vision ebbs and you get stuck in an endless spiral of second guessing yourself, your ideas, your projects, and your decisions about almost everything. But when you’ve got mental, emotional and physical burnout going on, of course you’re going to question your purpose, which is of course tied to your reason for being alive.

Getting back into alignment is about taking really good care of yourself. Stretching, taking time off when you feel like it, scheduling space into your calendar (and fiercely protecting it). And stuff like that.


So what’s the ONE thing you can do to take really good care of yourself right this very moment?

What do you really, really, NEED right now?


  • A 20 min break? A nap? A cup of tea?
  • A week off? 6 months off?


Or simply a shift in perspective and new approach to starting up and building a business in a way that feels more….

… free.

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Stephanie Holland
Stephanie Holland

I'm a strategist & traveler obsessed with thriving on all levels and helping fellow entrepreneurs launch their ideas with more ease, vision and likelihood of success.