Stabilise the Roller Coaster
of Starting Up

A DIY guide to avoiding burnout while you create a freedom life and business.

"...leaves you feeling alert, ALIVE, awake, and aware."

"... this book will make sure you are ready for any business adventure!"

"It’s helped me, a seasoned entrepreneur discover what is holding me back."

This book is for you. Yes, YOU.

The one who yearns to escape the 9-5, but no fucking idea what to do.

The one with the seed of an idea but no fucking clue if it will fly.

The one who has launched with everything you've got, but feeling burnt out and, — frankly, fucking over it.

And the one who's dangerously close to financial and spiritual bankruptcy, and about to drown in an emotional tsunami, you too.

Hell yes.

I wrote this book for you so you can bypass the drama, the burnout, and the pain. So you can activate your creative force, crush any obstacle and smash through your upper limits. So you can annihilate failure and eliminate the competition. So you can thrive on all levels regardless of success or failure.

So you can build a freedom life and business. Because screw the status quo.

Stephanie Holland's book stamps an imprint that leaves you feeling alert, ALIVE, awake, and aware — uplifted, worthy, and hopeful to create a legacy and leave your own imprint on the world. It's all about embracing personal empowerment and, hence, empowering others. Now I want to try chocolate chia quinoa pudding with maple syrup + blueberries for breakfast and treat myself to some Stella McCartney lingerie.

- Melanie Kissell

This is the book I needed when I started my business - it took me months of research, reading and listening to podcasts to gather up this essential info which Stephanie has put into one, concise, easy to read book. Get these foundations right and there really is nothing stopping you achieving your entrepreneurial dreams. Enjoy the journey - this book will make sure you are ready for any business adventure!

- Amazon Reviewer

Whether you set out to create a Fortune 500 business, a Silicon Valley tech start up or a micro business from your living room, it's fucking hard work.

Which means only one thing.

It must be something you're so passionate about, and so completely aligned with your purpose and mission right now that it annihilates failure and empowers you to blaze a trail through uncharted terrain.

What may surprise you is that this new ground is mostly emotional, mental and spiritual as you navigate failure and success.

hey, I'm stephanie.

I started my own company in Jan 2014 and burnt out within 3 months.

My one-woman empire crumbled under the weight of exhaustion and overwhelm. There was so much to do.

You'd think with 10 years as a strategist at companies like Yahoo!, MSN and The Huffington Post and 5 years consulting and coaching with creative & fledgling entrepreneurs would qualify me to start my own business, wouldn't you?

I was surprised, too. But there is so much more to business than being good at what you do. And as you figure it all out some of your Self begins to unravel as your personal life, lifestyle & health fall off the radar.

I recognised it fast. I re-claimed my freedom life. And set out to build a business around it.

There is such a thing as overnight success, but it starts today and happens sometime in the future. Don't wait for commercial success before you create a freedom life.

Thrive first. Build your empire second.

Screw the naysayers, the doubters, the cynics and the people too damn afraid to leave their comfort zone. You must envision your freedom life, then consciously create it and fiercely protect it.

But even more important? You must become your own life and business mentor.

The Freedom Philosophy is a DIY Startup Guide for designed for makers, creators and future entrepreneurs & game changers who want to live + work with passion, purpose and vision.

It helps you cut through the bullshit and smash through your upper limits so you can move forward in your life and business with absolute clarity & momentum.

It helps you build a freedom life, create a freedom lifestyle, failure-proof your mind set, and put in place the building blocks of a freedom business.


It shows you how to create your own freedom philosophy.  Call it your north star, your inner compass, your gut instinct. Consider it activated and flooding you with inspiration, creativity & resilience for the long haul of entrepreneurship. For a lifetime of following your ideas.

Stephanie Holland talks to you as the knowledgeable friend who knows your doubts before you have even properly articulated them to yourself. Her tone is so down to earth and encouraging and has set me on the path to removing those life blocks that I had been throwing up at every opportunity. She highlights the importance of always 'showing up' and working towards goals incrementally.

- Fiona Brandt

Stephanie helps you understand the reality of the transition from 9-5. Starting up takes patience, passion, time and money. Stephanie helps you gain energy and traction from what ever your current situation is, so you can move forwards in a sustainable way. If you burn out, what chance does your business idea have? Work smart, be kind to yourself, this book is a must have for all fledgling entrepreneurs.

- Amazon Reviewer

I feel energised and capable of changing the world.

This perfectly filled a gap that was stopping me from fulfilling my life’s passion on a universal level. It has found me after much success, still struggling to get my big idea out of the gates. It’s helped me, a seasoned entrepreneur discover what is holding me back. The combination of insightful quotes, realistic approaches and the holistic strategy are mind blowing. It resonates with me on so many levels (business + life + spiritual). I’m a scientist and a skeptic—you have entranced me. 

— Todd Hannula,


Alex Inchbald, Breakfree Creativity


Tony Johnston,


Todd Hannula,

There is a lot of great juicy advice in this wonderful book for those looking to take the plunge into entrepreneurship or even those that have already taken the plunge but are feeling a bit lost or disheartened. Stephanie Holland's tone is warm and encouraging but she doesn't sugar-coat the realities of going it alone. You can feel that she genuinely wants her readers to thrive and succeed in their new business ventures. As a solopreneur this is a book that I would happily gift to others thinking of taking the leap into a freedom lifestyle: to give them a great chance of navigating the pitfalls of starting-up while remaining healthy, happy and optimistic about their future.

- thelastressort on Amazon

Stephanie's trust into developing her methodology while 'living into it' is inspirational. She quotes a Bloomberg study saying that 80 % of startups fail within 18 months due to founder burnout. As a coach and entrepreneur I find this statistic incredibly worrying. Her role modelling self-care, a vision of the life she wanted and living the lifestyle she wanted to achieve RIGHT NOW (not when she 'got there') I found very helpful. By taking us through her own practices and emphasising compassion, she has helped me to ease up a little on myself.

- Marialuisa Maiwald

the roller coaster
of starting up.