The simple pic ‘n’ mix morning routine for more happiness & productivity

morning routine, Stephanie Holland, The Freedom Philosophy

You’re probably sick to death of hearing about how important it is to have a morning routine, since everyone in the startup world, and the world in general, seems to be obsessed with it. If you search ‘morning routine’ in Google you get dozens of SEO optimised blog posts like: ‘The morning routines of the…

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Side Business Experiment: 3 Tricks to Find Time to Start Up While You’re Working Full Time

side business, Stephanie Holland, The Freedom Philosophy

Starting up on the side is genius.     You can begin exploring, experimenting, making, creating and even selling before you leave the corporate safety net. And then use the experience to decide whether you want to quit and work on it full time before you put all your eggs in one basket. Even though…

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13 Life Hacks that Amplify the Impact of Your Life and Work

13 life hacks

For fledgling & future entrepreneurs. What’s the point of making loads of money if we’re exhausted all the time and our relationships are falling apart? Seems like an obvious question, but with the excitement of starting up and the race to manifest our goals it’s easy to get caught up in working 24-7.     While we’re…

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5 Ways to Plan More Freedom Into Your Career

plan your career

Taking a back seat is not one of them.     So many of us crave more freedom and do nothing about it. It seems easier to keep with the same old routine: meeting friends on evening and weekend, binge-watching Netflix, and weekends away. But that just keeps us un-empowered to make meaningful decisions in…

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12 Brilliant Reasons To Take The Leap Of Faith And Work For Yourself

work for yourself

Quitting your job and working for yourself requires a leap of faith that would make even the Vatican nervous. It’s the closest you’ll get to going all in at the poker table. And you really don’t want to do that, do you? But once you’ve resolved exactly what it is you want to leave behind, looking…

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