10 Reasons You Don’t Need An Advertising Budget to Start & Grow Your Empire

Advertising Budget, Stephanie Holland, The Freedom Philosophy

Starting a business can to be very expensive when you spend money on the wrong things. An advertising budget is assumed to be an essential factor in your startup costs. But when you’re bootstrapping your business from scratch with your own money, an advertising budget can be a waste of your startup funds. Small experiments can be…

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What Kind of Life Do You Want? Practical Lifestyle Design in 3 Simple Steps

lifestyle design, Stephanie Holland, The Freedom Philosophy

Lifestyle design has been a buzz concept since Tim Ferris published The 4-Hour Work Week.     Although free-spirited humans have been designing their life off-grid since the dawn of time (we are innately nomadic, yet shockingly ‘motionless’ in contemporary life), this book delivered it to the mainstream, and now it’s available as a DIY…

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Moving Beyond the Safety Net of Your Corporate Job: 5 Tools You’ll Want

startup tools, The Freedom Philosophy, Stephanie Holland

  There are two angles from which can approach your business. The first and most obvious is in terms of the products + services, processes, systems and structure that help it run like a well-oiled machine. You can set these up in a way that maximises the time you want to invest and / or in…

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5 Quick Ways to Free Up Your Mind When You’re Stressed Out So You Can Get Back in The Zone in 10 Minutes Flat

Stressed Out, The Freedom Philosophy, Stephanie Holland

Behind the scenes of every startup there is blood, sweat and tears in a volume that would make an eighteenth century Highlander weep. (Jamie Fraser* may have had to deal with the Red Coats, but never with list-building.) Stress & anxiety are part of the beginners package. And yes, sometimes it feels impossible to for…

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Done With Corporate Politics? The 4 Steps To Starting a Business Before You Escape the 9-5.

Steps to starting a business, Stephanie Holland, The Freedom Philosophy

You’ve thought about it. You’d love to do it. And even though you can’t quite put your finger on what it might be… it excites the crap out of you. I’m talking about starting your own business. If it offered you a work-life balance and a good standard of living you’d sign up on the…

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