S1E5: How to Get Your Product On The Shelves At Whole Foods w/ Sarah Hilleary

how to get a product on the shelves at whole foods, Stephanie Holland, The Freedom Philosophy

Have you ever thought — considering how many hours you work — that you may as well be working for yourself? Sarah Hilleary thought so too, which is why she quit to start her own bakery. But not just any bakery. B-Tempted specialises in gluten-free treats so that people with an intolerance — or those who…

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S1E4: How to Turn Passion Into Expertise + Launch An Online Program w/ Gee Foottit

How to launch an online program, Stephanie Holland, The Freedom Philosophy

Have you ever felt that your work might be taking a toll on your physical well-being and begun to question if your career is actually not very good for you? This is what Gee Foottit had to ask herself when corporate entertainment & the busy-ness of the rat race in her financial services career led…

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S1E3: How To Set An Epiphany in Motion & Launch A Product w/ Sam de Bruin

How to launch a product, Stephanie Holland, The Freedom Philosophy

Have you ever wondered if REAL people would pay REAL money for your idea? That’s what surprised Sam De Bruin, creator of Karmic Cold Pressed Juice based in Melbourne, Australia. I mean, it’s one thing to have a life-shifting epiphany in the middle of the night, and quite another to turn it into a business. Yes,…

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Beyond Cafes & Co-Working Spaces: 7 Of The Best Places To Work When You Work For Yourself

best places to work, Stephanie Holland, the freedom philosophy

When you quit your job to work on your business full time, working from home is such a treat. But pretty quickly you’ll find that the quiet and alone time you previously craved can become boring if you don’t mix it up a little. Different projects and tasks required different settings, locations and resources. (And…

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How to Stay Healthy When You Work From Home: 13 Crazy Delicious Snacks That Feed Your Mind

how to stay healthy, the freedom philosophy, Stephanie Holland

One of the most exciting things about working from home is having more control over what you eat. There are no more excuses to grab whatever-you-can between meetings or indulge in desk-a-manger. These may well be tough habits to break, but starting your own business is not just about making more money, it’s about having…

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