3 Critical Content Marketing Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make

content marketing mistakes

  Pop out some quality content and you’re done, right? In this Content Marketing Series we’ve talked about how content marketing can be the most powerful way to turn your audience into ardent brand ambassadors. But that’s not as easy as it sounds. There are MILLIONS of people cranking, CHURNING out content, and yet very few are…

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Your New-Fangled Content Promotion Strategy: 3 Steps To Spread The Word

content promotion strategy

  If I could go back to January 2014 and start over there is ONE thing I would do differently. I would produce LESS content. What I did produce I would have promoted BETTER. Most people — me included — invest disproportionate time & energy in creating content, but fall short when it comes to…

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Ninja Content Creation PART 2: My Process & Systems for My Facebook Live Show

how to create your own facebook live show

Last year the idea of recording a Facebook Live Show would have terrified the cr*p out of me. But after creating a 25+ video lessons for The Freedom Philosophy Classroom I realised it’s a great way to develop a more personal relationship with my audience. And after years of writing in various forms I was…

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Ninja Content Creation PART 1 : My Process & Systems For My Blog Strategy

Content Creation

Creating content for The Freedom Philosophy blog used to be a crapshoot. But once I got a strategy in place it became easier to create AND more effective at helping me achieve my business goals. Content production is all about efficiency and effectiveness. Your workflow and systems must enhance both. I literally have 100 ideas lined…

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Content Marketing Strategy: 6 Simple Questions to Kickstart You

Content Marketing Strategy

Content Marketing is one of the most effective forms of marketing. It can help you: Build a relationship between your audience and your brand. Transform your audience into customers. Leverage the most coveted forms of marketing since the dawn of time: word of mouth. (Or as we so eloquently in Marketing speak call it ‘WOM’.) Yes,…

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