The Freedom Philosophy Is About Helping You
Cultivate The Core Fiber of An Entrepreneur

So That You Can Stay In The Game Until You Get The Results You're Looking For.

I teach you how to cultivate killer confidence,
a flawless foundation for your ideas
and a 12-month game plan to get them off the ground.

hey, I'm Stephanie.

I had no idea, the design aesthetic of a squirrel and thought entrepreneurship was something rich kids did on their parents dime.

But I followed my ideas anyway.

At 29 after 6 years in the corporate world I hit all my goals — great job, $120K salary, and fancy apartment — and still felt empty.

It didn’t seem like there was anywhere else to go, and no one at the ‘top’ inspired me, so it kick-started a quest to follow my curiosities and see where they lead.

And they led me from Aromatherapy to blogging to freelance writing to consulting, writing a book, coaching, writing another book, and developing the Freedom Philosophy, a strategic framework for creating more freedom in your life and work.

It’s a body of work that evolved as I navigated the gauntlet of freedom and what it really means to me.

Freedom became about so much more than financial wealth or location-independence.

And it knocked me for six.

Originally I thought freedom was about financial wealth or location-independence.

But the challenges of starting my own business and having less money than ever before, and even traveling the world and still not feeling ‘free’ guided me towards a deeper more soulful experience of freedom that explored body, mind and spirit.

I realised that ‘freedom’ is about how you feel about everything all the time.

It’s a feeling, a mindset, an approach, an ‘attitude’.

If you’re wealthy, but worried about money, you’re not free.

If you’re location-independent, but feel lonely or depressed, you’re not free.

The epiphany:
Freedom has to be cultivated and fiercely protected.

It's not handed to us on a platter.

I began asking myself important questions.

What life do I want?

What impact at do I want to have?

What legacy do I want to create?

And while I was following my ideas and producing my projects I began to notice that people were consistently asking me the same questions:

“How do you have the means to travel?”

“How did you get started?”

“How do I leave the corporate world?”

“How do I start a business?”

"How do I know what I really want?"

And through deep conversation the underlying thread began to emerge.


It blocks our freedom.

Fear of failure.

Fear of running out of money.

Fear of having to move in with your parents.

Fear of having to go back to the corporate world with your tail between your legs.

And fear of having no ideas, gifts, talents to lean on.

And huge skepticism of life coaching, because personal development is so damn cheesy. 

But all of this stops you making high-integrity decisions for your life & work.

And if you can't make high-integrity decisions for yourself, you're not free.

So I created a strategic framework to help you make high-integrity decisions. I call it 'The Freedom Philosophy'.

Now you can make meaningful changes in your life & work.

I'm so glad you're here.