Where to find the best business inspiration + what I learned from Marilyn Monroe

business inspiration, Stephanie Holland, the freedom philosophy

When you notice a book whose spine softly whispers “MONROE,” a spotlight blocks the rest of the world out. One cosy evening in Glastonbury last summer I settled into the sofa, only to emerge hours later feeling more passionate about my own vision. And more clear about how to create it. And I realised that…

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The 10 Characteristics of Successful Entrepreneurs

characteristics of successful entrepreneurs, Stephanie Holland, The Freedom Philosophy

What are the core qualities and characteristics of successful entrepreneurs that sets them in a league of their own? With so many startups doomed to failure how do certain people find success while others don’t? What’s the magic code and – more importantly – how do you apply it in your own life and business?…

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Personal & Global Sovereignty through Entrepreneurship [THE FREEDOM BUSINESS MANIFESTO]

freedom business

A freedom business is sustainable, impactful, profitable business that supports your vision of a freedom life while you leave the world a little better than you found it. It’s a direct response to a growing crisis: inner and outer worlds in chaos seeking enlightenment. The system might be broken, sure, but this climate is a catalyst for purposeful entrepreneurship, at the…

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