Writing Goals That Manifest Miracles & a FREE Planner To Get You Started

writing goals, The Freedom Philosophy, Stephanie Holland

Writing goals — for life or work — in ink, on REAL paper, sends a powerful signal to you subconscious, the creator of all things magical. And it kickstarts the mechanisms — the quantum fields around you — that assemble the people & events that will help make your goals a reality. So you better…

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How to Make More Time: The Perfect Morning For Future Entrepreneurs

How to make more time, morning routine, Stephanie Holland, The Freedom Philosophy

It may seem counterintuitive, but the secret to making more time in your life is by filling your morning with things that set you up to feel relaxed, revitalised and energised. And you can do it in 7 simple steps. So if you currently get out of bed and rush to work — whether it’s in your…

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Where to find the best business inspiration + what I learned from Marilyn Monroe

business inspiration, Stephanie Holland, the freedom philosophy

When you notice a book whose spine softly whispers “MONROE,” a spotlight blocks the rest of the world out. One cosy evening in Glastonbury last summer I settled into the sofa, only to emerge hours later feeling more passionate about my own vision. And more clear about how to create it. And I realised that…

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The 10 Characteristics of Successful Entrepreneurs

characteristics of successful entrepreneurs, Stephanie Holland, The Freedom Philosophy

What are the core qualities and characteristics of successful entrepreneurs that sets them in a league of their own? With so many startups doomed to failure how do certain people find success while others don’t? What’s the magic code and – more importantly – how do you apply it in your own life and business?…

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Personal & Global Sovereignty through Entrepreneurship [THE FREEDOM BUSINESS MANIFESTO]

freedom business

A freedom business is sustainable, impactful, profitable business that supports your vision of a freedom life while you leave the world a little better than you found it. It’s a direct response to a growing crisis: inner and outer worlds in chaos seeking enlightenment. The system might be broken, sure, but this climate is a catalyst for purposeful entrepreneurship, at the…

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