How to Keep Cool When You’re Overwhelmed: A 7-Step Guide

Overwhelmed, Stephanie Holland, The Freedom Philosophy

I used to be incredibly organised. I thought that was my natural state. But your ‘natural state’ becomes apparent when you’re under the pump. When I started working for myself it was like juggling a thousands balls in the air. I was never good at juggling. The more I read and studied about how to…

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How to Plan Work Life Balance When You’re Starting Up on the Side

Work Life Balance, Stephanie Holland, The Freedom Philosophy

Work life balance is the holy grail of every day life, yet alone when you’re working full time and want to start up on the side. But why is work life balance so hard? I think the biggest problem lies in the literal definition of ‘balance’ . Think about it. Balance – literally meaning ‘even…

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Writing Goals That Manifest Miracles & a FREE Planner To Get You Started

writing goals, The Freedom Philosophy, Stephanie Holland

Writing goals — for life or work — in ink, on REAL paper, sends a powerful signal to you subconscious, the creator of all things magical. And it kickstarts the mechanisms — the quantum fields around you — that assemble the people & events that will help make your goals a reality. So you better…

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How to Make More Time: The Perfect Morning For Future Entrepreneurs

How to make more time, morning routine, Stephanie Holland, The Freedom Philosophy

It may seem counterintuitive, but the secret to making more time in your life is by filling your morning with things that set you up to feel relaxed, revitalised and energised. And you can do it in 7 simple steps. So if you currently get out of bed and rush to work — whether it’s in your…

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Where to find the best business inspiration + what I learned from Marilyn Monroe

business inspiration, Stephanie Holland, the freedom philosophy

When you notice a book whose spine softly whispers “MONROE,” a spotlight blocks the rest of the world out. One cosy evening in Glastonbury last summer I settled into the sofa, only to emerge hours later feeling more passionate about my own vision. And more clear about how to create it. And I realised that…

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