The simple pic ‘n’ mix morning routine for more happiness & productivity

morning routine, Stephanie Holland, The Freedom Philosophy

You’re probably sick to death of hearing about how important it is to have a morning routine, since everyone in the startup world, and the world in general, seems to be obsessed with it. If you search ‘morning routine’ in Google you get dozens of SEO optimised blog posts like: ‘The morning routines of the…

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Side Business Experiment: 3 Tricks to Find Time to Start Up While You’re Working Full Time

side business, Stephanie Holland, The Freedom Philosophy

Starting up on the side is genius. You can begin exploring, experimenting, making, creating and even selling before you leave the corporate safety net. And then use the experience to decide whether you want to quit and work on it full time before you put all your eggs in one basket. Even though a side…

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When You Run Out of Money, Do These 4 Things

run out of money, The Freedom Philosophy, Stephanie Holland

Far from being one of the 7 worst-case scenarios imagined by fledgling or future entrepreneurs, running out of money is an invitation to reset and re-imagine your next steps.  You get to reflect, pivot, cash up and move on. I’ve run out of money more times than I have fingers and toes. Whether I was…

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How to Create Your Own Four Hour Work Week

working weekends

A short story about a freedom life & business. Before I started my business I had my non-negotiables set in stone. #1: I would never work after 4 pm. #2: I would never skip lunch. #3 I would never compromise my health to meet a deadline. #4: I would never sell my soul for money.…

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The 46 Online Business Tools I’m Using to Grow My Mini Empire

online business tools, Stephanie Holland, The Freedom Philosophy

When you start out with the intention of growing an empire — aka with a big vision for your small business, one that will change the world in some way, or leave it a little happier than you found it — you’ve gotta start with the right processes, systems and structure in place that will…

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