A 4-Step Guide to Avoiding Burnout and Actually Thriving While You Launch Your Own Company.


Since the corporate world is about delaying gratification until the evenings, weekends and retirement, and cramming it into 2-5 weeks holiday a year in the meantime, it seems a little strange that we’d do that when we start our own business too… … right?! One of the biggest reasons we don’t like the corporate world…

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How I Maintain Daily Motivation to Do What I Do


Over the past 5 years I’ve done consulting, coaching, I’ve written 2 books and created an online course — and experimented with quite a few other things — and I’m often asked: ‘How do you stay motivated to do what you do?’ Daily motivation is easier when you have a bigger picture vision of your…

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Is passion, purpose and vision enough to start a successful company? Let’s talk about what else helps.


Is passion, purpose and vision enough to start a successful company? Your passion is what truly excites you. Your purpose is how you share this with the world. Your vision is the driving force behind both that helps you show up consistently to get your ideas into the hands of those who will benefit from it…

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The simple pic ‘n’ mix morning routine for more happiness & productivity

morning routine, Stephanie Holland, The Freedom Philosophy

You’re probably sick to death of hearing about how important it is to have a morning routine, since everyone in the startup world, and the world in general, seems to be obsessed with it. If you search ‘morning routine’ in Google you get dozens of SEO optimised blog posts like: ‘The morning routines of the…

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Side Business Experiment: 3 Tricks to Find Time to Start Up While You’re Working Full Time

side business, Stephanie Holland, The Freedom Philosophy

Starting up on the side is genius. You can begin exploring, experimenting, making, creating and even selling before you leave the corporate safety net. And then use the experience to decide whether you want to quit and work on it full time before you put all your eggs in one basket. Even though a side…

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