Content Marketing Strategy: 6 Simple Questions to Kickstart You

Content Marketing Strategy

Content Marketing is one of the most effective forms of marketing. It can help you: Build a relationship between your audience and your brand. Transform your audience into customers. Leverage the most coveted forms of marketing since the dawn of time: word of mouth. (Or as we so eloquently in Marketing speak call it ‘WOM’.) Yes,…

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Content Marketing Demystified: A Quick & Simple Introduction

Content Marketing

Content Marketing is the most over-used, mis-understood terms in our contemporary marketing juggernaut.  At its best, it’s the most powerful way to build a meaningful relationship with your customers. A relationship that helps you achieve the big picture goals like profit and impact. And it’s everywhere. Every blog post you read is content. It’s designed…

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*Startup Culture Update* :: Unicorns Are Out. Zebras are in. Here’s Why.

 Articulating the passion, purpose and vision behind your business idea can take time. Months, years, or even a lifetime. So when someone else hits the nail on the head with perfect eloquence it can be frustrating. The article: Zebra companies offer an alternative to the unicorn fantasy inspired such a feeling. Then immediately: ‘Halleluyah!‘ When someone…

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How to Recognise Burnout: 9 Unexpected Symptoms

symptoms of burnout

One day you wake up and decide that you’re ‘over it’. Work, business, career… maybe even life in general. But hang on a second! If you´re experiencing any of the following symptoms you’re not ‘over it’, you might be burnt out. It´s a serious condition of our times and a symptom of our striving entrepreneurial culture.…

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3 Habits That Guarantee You Will Burnout (and How To Break Them)

avoid burnout

Burnout doesn’t happen overnight; it’s is a process that happens over time. And because it has a variety of — and often bizarre — symptoms not usually associate with stress, the warning signs are there but you might not recognise them. The result? You don’t make significant changes in your lifestyle to avoid the mental,…

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