Set yourself up for success before you quit the 9-5

with the freedom philosophy™

"What's my next move?", you ask.

You want to be released from the clutches of the commute, the corporate world and following other people's dreams. You're ready to feel powerful, independent, confident & in control of your own direction.

The good news is I can help you with that.

Hell yes... this is for you... yes...YOU!

The one who dreams of breaking FREE
From the corporate grind

The one that yearns for FREEDOM
Working on your own terms on something you're passionate about

To fund your dreams of travel & adventure

More time for you, more space in between

To unlock your unique gifts & talents

Create something, watch it grow and put all the profits in your own pocket

The one who's asking: "What's my next move?"

But scared to fucking death to take the big leap…

…and paralysed into doing the same thing every day on repeat like you've always done.

Because while it seems great in your head… like REALLY great (work-on-the-beach-while-the-money-rolls-in-kinda-great) there is that tiny inkling of fear…

The cold icy finger of doubt that slides slowwwwwly up your neck as you sit at your desk and whispers:

“What if I'm not good enough, creative enough, smart enough?”

“What if I risk everything and end up with nothing to show for it?"

"What if I bankrupt myself and have to crawl back to my old job because I'm barely scraping by?"

“I don’t even know where to start!”

And so you tend to not even get started because, after all, it's too hard, it will take too long, and so it's just not possible for you.

Yes, YOU!

I have something for you…and unlike things in the corporate, shark-eat-shark world, it WILL give you the life-work-freedom you crave.



the freedom philosophy classes™

Investment: US $300

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— The 4-week online course —

Pre-business Strategy for Fledgling & Future Entrepreneurs

A systematic, repeatable framework for corporate misfits who want to set themselves up for success before they quit the 9-5.

A resource dedicated to slicing through the bullshit, smashing upper limits, and minimising the guesswork & burnout that characterise self-made entrepreneurship.

A step by step process that empowers you to thrive while you're building your empire and gives you the tools to succeed without sacrificing your lifestyle or risking spiritual bankruptcy.

Brought to you by the world’s first pre-business strategist obsessed with thriving on all levels — physical, mental, emotional + spiritual — as a strategic imperative and precursor to limitless personal success.

She's got 10 years as a media & marketing strategist for the likes of msn, yahoo! and Huffington Post (yeah, been there, done THAT) PLUS 5 years of working with creative & purposeful entrepreneurs just like you (that’s 15 fucking years of making shit happen with her insatiable strategic DNA).

She's on a mission to help you launch your game-changing ideas into the world without the pain, drama and burnout of starting up.




You're shit scared of failure.

Which is a damn fucking shame, because failure is a tool that helps you shape the future.

(Like Post-Its, a failed attempt to create industrial strength glue for the aerospace industry, just FYI).

Instead you're sitting there with this virus attacking the core fibre of your being.

You hesitate, procrastinate and avoid decision making.

You lack focus and end up fighting fires & second-guessing yourself.

You show up passive for your life (or worse, passive aggressive because you're so damn bitter about being such a pussy).

You abandon ideas, putting them in the "too hard and not achievable for me box".

You decline the very invitation of life: to unlock your gifts, unleash the real YOU into the world, and do the work you were born to do.

But if you think that's the end of that matter, you have another thing coming.



You'll be royally gutted if you're doing the same thing a year from now.

Because you're so done conforming to other people's rules, standards and expectations.

Sure, no one teaches you how to go against the flow. But who's flow is that exactly?

I'll tell you: the shareholder sipping martinis in his yacht in the Mediterranean while he lives your fantasy on your time & grunt work.

Yet somewhere you AGREED to it.

Settling to pay your rent and bills and have a little left over for a mortgage and a few holidays a year.

Well screw that because if you step out of your little bubble and gaze back from the future…



Your 80-year-old self is telling you to stop playing it so fucking safe.

Because you're sick of subordinating yourself & your dreams to other people's expectations of you.

And that version of you wants to have thrived.

Not just survived.

Sure, you can continue climbing the corporate ladder, you can get to the top and enjoy the external accolades of success — like more responsibility, an impressive title that your parents can boast about, a bigger paycheck to buy a bigger house — but that's why you're so freakin' stuck.

You've been focusing on moving up the wrong ladder and that's why you're not growing, EXPANDING, into the person you know you can be.

…and why anxiety courses through your veins whenever you think about what will happen to you if you don't start thinking about it soon ...

As for your parents, they can be your most loyal allies or crush your fantasy with one hell-raising lecture on what you're already afraid might be true: that you shouldn't do it, that you will fail, and that following your dreams is not financially viable or a good investment in your future.

But when you recognise this as the bullshit that's keeping you small, you can smash through your upper limits and realise…



You are sovereign have the power to release all the shit that's holding you back.

And you're fuelled by a soul-deep impulse for change.

In a funny way that you can't quite put your finger on, you miss the life you know you could have if only you were brave enough.

Instead you are in the clutches of a daily commute, slave to corporate agendas, overshadowed by other people's demands, and squeezed by the pressure of hierarchy and fear of others surpassing you despite the fact you've invested body, mind & soul into your 'career'.

You're exhausted and if your body hasn't given up to digestive issues or panic attacks just yet, you're trembling in your high street designer clothes because you know you can't continue you like this for much longer.

It's time to let go of the beliefs, habits, routines and relationships that hold you back & spread you so thin you may as well vaporise into the ether.

And so friend, this is for YOU.


the freedom philosophy classes™

Investment: US $300

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— The 4-week online course —

Pre-business Strategy for Fledgling & Future Entrepreneurs

A systematic, repeatable framework for corporate misfits who want to set themselves up for success before they quit the 9-5.

A resource dedicated to slicing through the bullshit, smashing upper limits, and minimising the guesswork & burnout that characterise self-made entrepreneurship.

A step by step process that empowers you to thrive while you're building your empire and gives you the tools to succeed without sacrificing your lifestyle or risking spiritual bankruptcy.

Jonathan Povey

It's helping me stabilise the roller coaster of starting up. I had been working 7 days a week, 12 hours a day and I was burning out about once a month, but I've begun to structure my day to bring distance between me and my ideas. It's great to invest in building a foundation for a freedom life, too. I feel I'm on the verge of a breakthrough, the edge!

Jonathan Povey

You know it's time because…


You're already asking some of the tough questions you've been
tip-toeing around until now.

Because you can no longer avoid that smouldering, pesky drive to do something meaningful with your life.

You want to discover your zone of genius so you can live + work in it.

You want to work on your own terms on something you're passionate about.

You want to cultivate the core fibre of an entrepreneur: guts, instinct, tenacity, resilience and fearlessness.

You want to say, 'Hell YES.'

Because ultimately…



You keep telling yourself you're not ready, but… oh boy… you feel the pull.

You're already feeling an awakening of sorts, a shift in your mentality & perspective. You know change is coming.

And you can no longer avoid the desire to escape the career trap, even if it feels like you're about to step onto a spinning wheel.

Because you're done, you're done juggling what's important to you and you believe — so strongly — that you deserve more than a 9-5 job.

Funnily enough all the sign posts are pointing in the same direction.

And even though you thought you might wait just one more year, just one more bonus, just one more promotion, what you're actually thinking is:

'Bugger that. I need this now.'



You need a systematic, step-by-step, repeatable framework
that removes the guesswork.

The Freedom Philosophy is a step-by-step system designed to set you up for success in life + work over the long term:


  • Short audio & video lessons.

    Because who has the time to read?!

  • Fillable worksheets.

    For structure, & a framework to make sense of your answers.

  • Checklists, cheatsheets & additional resources.

    To take these insights & ideas as far as you want to.

  • Weekly emails.

    That give you a 4-week, week by week nudge to dive right in.

  • Forever access to the content for the life of the program.

    You can do it in your own time frame, and repeat it whenever you start a new project or need a clarity & confidence boost.

  • Downloadable assets.

    So you can listen offline, on -the-go, anytime.


Once you've signed up, you'll receive
instant access to all 4 modules:

Conscious Leadership

The Module is about priming yourself for CEO.

When you focus on what matters and identify squeeze out distraction & procrastination you become active versus responsive & take control of our own direction, you take responsibility for designing your future and you prime yourself to be a leader in your own business.

Module Lessons +

1.1 The 4 most important areas to invest your time

1.2 Make limited resources work in your favour

1.3 Turn every day into powerhouse potential

1.4 Set up your schedule so you don’t work 24-7

1.5 Reach your goals with minimal effort

Personal Sovereignty

This module is about thriving on all levels.

When you claim personal sovereignty you experience increased levels of creativity & productivity, enable high integrity decision making so you can get shit done and accelerate your ideas from seeds to sold, and feel more enthusiasm for the process, not just the end result.

Module Lessons +

2.1 The core pillars of a thriving life

2.2 The four critical rhythms & why they must be synched

2.3 The master key to unlocking entrepreneurial mindset

2.4 The secret to feeling refreshed and revitalised 24/7

2.5 The ultimate recipe for a vital life

Failure-Proof Mindset

This module is about detaching from the status quo.

When you failure-proof your mindset you use failure as a tool to shape the future and create incredible products & services, you avoid the levels of overwhelm and burnout that bring many fledgling entrepreneurs to their knees, and you prepare yourself for the long haul of entrepreneurship.

Module Lessons +

3.1 How to relate to your ideas so they don’t drive you insane

3.2 How to avoid feeling dwarfed by the achievements of others

3.3 How to use criticism to improve your ideas

3.4 How to use the concept of ‘positive mind’ so you can direct your trajectory

3.5 How to keep showing up even when no one else does

Focused Ambition

This module is about reframing the metrics of success.

When you commit to focused ambition you have meaningful goals that align with what you truly want to be, do and have, you are able to validate our ideas and assemble the perfect arsenal of resources, plans, and support that make our goals a reality, and you leap forward in your life and work.

Module Lessons +

4.1 How to set high integrity goals

4.2 How to prevent ‘urgency’ delaying your business goals

4.3 How to create bullet-proof validation for your ideas

4.4 How to nurture your goals with or without resources on hand

4.5 How to build momentum before you even start

Annie Dawson La-Forest

So down to earth and no bullshit. It's like she's sitting right next to me and actually coaching me live on how to get my act together and get started with my business. She anticipates the curveballs and objections one at a time, like she's in your head

Annie Dawson La-Forest
Adrian Bonaddio

The questions are powerful, if you dare to answer them! She makes it easy to take action around the content; the theory + exercises fit together perfectly. She guides you through what it takes to create a strong foundation for a business that supports your vision of a freedom life.

Adrian Bonaddio
Stacey Palmer

Stephanie is such an inspiration. I feel as though she's in my mind; I felt like she was hearing my thoughts, fears, concerns about starting up, and responding directly to them with logical reasoning and perspective shifts.  She has the gift of connecting with her audience in a really easy-going way.

Stacey Palmer

A risk-free, no-brainer investment in yourself.

Investment: US $300

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  • The startup sessions podcast

    5 podcast interviews with startup superstars who themselves went from corporate misfit to entrepreneurs. We learn how, & what made them pivot.

  • Interviews with ex-corporate misfits

    Just like you, they’ve transitioned to CEO of their own life & business. We learn why & how.

  • Exclusive audio version of The Freedom Philosophy book

    So you can lean deeper into the lessons on your commute, your jog, or at your desk while pretending to work on that latest report …


You need someone who questions the status quo
and doesn't feed you the same old bullshit.

That would be me.

hey there, i'm stephanie.

In 2007 I ignored a deep ache in my gut until I literally and figuratively could no longer digest my life.

I had neither the vocabulary or community to articulate what I wanted, and ended up alternating corporate stints with travel & study for 7 years before 'discovering' my passion, purpose and vision along the way.

I also realised that business could magnify its scope, scale and impact.

I started up in 2014, and burnt out out as fast as I began, the blazing inferno of excitement extinguished by self-doubt and fear of failure. I was exhausted and my relationship began to crumble. It was fucking hard, so I paused to re-assess.

There were a lot of voices in my head, but my own was barely perceptible. My inner compass had shut down.

I had to re-build a strong foundation from scratch: conscious leadership, personal sovereignty, failure-proof mindset and focused ambition.

Re-align with my North star, so to speak.

The truly remarkable thing is that I had everything I needed all along, — AND SO DO YOU — except the right questions and the framework within which to make sense of my answers.

And so The Freedom Philosophy was born: a systematic framework for cultivating the core fibre of an entrepreneur so you can set yourself up for success.

I have packaged a decade of discovery into 4 weeks to fast track your own trajectory.

It won't insulate you from challenges, set backs, unplanned obstacles and failure. Hell no...

...but it sure as hell will help you see them for what they are - an invitation to succeed on your own terms.

Tim Herring

Honest, personable, impeccably researched and insightful. The questions invoke the perfect degree of discomfort for me; my foundations were really shaken. It won't tell you want you want to hear. It'll force you to admit what you truly want.

Tim Herring
Steph Ressort

A truly expansive experience. You are challenged to identify your own, individual purpose so that you can use that as the source for your ‘freedom business’ inspiration.  A great resource for anyone who feels stuck in the career rut but has the audacity to dream of an alternative, more fulfilling way of life.

Steph Ressort
Adrian Bonaddio

Stephanie is a talented motivator — I feel rearing and ready to go — she's opened up my mind to possibility and empowered an uber-positive outlook. The content was amazing. It's a free flowing, fast paced yet structured style that takes you on a fun journey.

Adrian Bonaddio


You're as ready as you'll ever be.

You're ready to slice through the bullshit and smash through your upper limits.

But hear me loud & clear. This is not for you if ...

You want someone else to tell you what to do.

You want an out-of-the-box blueprint that is 'unpack and go'!

You never did your homework at school and you're not about to start now.

If you're ok with never being, doing, having anything you truly want.

If you already are, do and have everything you truly want. (In which case, you rock!)


And there are alternatives.

You could get a coach. But why not learn how to be your own life and business mentor and save yourself $000s?

You could enrol on an online business course to learn exactly how someone else generated unfathomable commercial success, but you can't replicate their results. Why? Their blueprint is not just business stuff. It's their own conscious leadership, personal sovereignty, failure-proof mindset and focused ambition. And you can't copy that, only claim your own.

You could read another $4.99 book on launching your idea or starting up but A) when have you ever applied what you learned immediately and consistently? and B) You'll do what everyone does when they first startup anyway ..

You'll invest all your time & into admin, operations, customer support & social media.

You'll invest all your cash in your website, systems & courses.

You'll invest all your energy worrying about why your sales cart isn't ka-chinging and the very real threat of running out of cash.

The bottom line: There's a high probability that you end up just another statistic in the startup graveyard.

(In fact, odds are 9:1 that you'll burnout in the first 18 months, according to Bloomberg.)



The Freedom Philosophy helps you leapfrog the bullshit.

// FAQs //

  • q-iconWill I have the time to watch the lessons & do the homework?

    The video lessons are short and they are available as audio files so you can listen on your commute if you’d like. The worksheets can be printed or completed digitally so you can take them too! In module 1 you’ll learn how to set up your schedule to fit it all in.

  • q-iconIt sounds too easy. How can a course generate these results?

    The course is just a tidy package for the framework. The beauty of the course is in the linear progression of the topics, the simple yet powerful questions. It is a systematic, step by step process for claiming conscious leadership, personal sovereignty, failure-proof mindset and focused ambition.

  • q-iconI work full time and am often exhausted. How will I fit it in?

    Commit to taking control of your own direction is like energetic dynamite. It’s uplifting, inspiring and empowering. You may notice an immediate shift in your energy levels as soon as you sign up. In module 2 you’ll put new habits & rituals in place that will help you thrive physically, mentally & emotionally.

  • q-iconWhat if I miss a module or can't start right now?

    You have forever access to the content so you can pick up where you left off any time. The week by week delivery at the outset is simply a guideline for those who like structure.

  • q-iconWhat if I don't have the headspace?

    I get it. Life is busy. You’re squeezed from end to end. This course will reduce the pressure from all sides, free up your headspace and enable you to expand in the direction you want, unlock your gifts & talents, and unleash the real YOU. Limited headspace is only temporary.

  • q-iconWhat if I already have a business?

    The Classes are for you too. I use this framework on repeat for every project, as well as when I’m experiencing ‘blur’. Especially if you’re lacking clarity, feeling overwhelmed or burnt out these classes are an excellent re-boot.

Stop asking: "What's my next move?"
Just plan your next move.

Investment: US $300

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