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80% of startups fail not because of a flawed business plan, strategy, or model. They fail because the founders forgot to build a FREEDOM BUSINESS.

According to Bloomberg 80% of startups fail in the first 18 months primarily due to founder burnout. In the excitement of starting up, fledging entrepreneurs create another job instead of a FREEDOM LIFE and a business that sustains it.

But what if I told you there was a step by step process that would help you thrive while you were building your empire; that would help you succeed without slaving away to achieve commercial success? That's where the Freedom Philosophy comes in.

The Freedom Philosophy is a DIY Startup Guide for creatives, future entrepreneurs + change makers who want to set themselves up for success before they quit the 9-5.

It's a first-of-its-kind online course that helps people like you create their freedom life before you create a business. And guides you to ...

  • DISCOVER your passion, purpose and vision
  • EXPLORE your unique personal brand
  • BECOME the next wave of game-changing entrepreneurs
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This 4-week online course trains you to be your own life + business mentor.

It makes it easy to cut through the bullshit and smash through your upper limits so you can move forward in your life  + business with absolute clarity right now.

It brings together timeless wisdom and contemporary strategies from the business, personal development and spiritual communities in one easy-to-follow and action-oriented framework.

It's step by step.


The first of its kind.


When you complete the Freedom Philosophy classes you will have ...

CONFIDENCE to leave the corporate safety net and follow your own ideas. Use your corporate experience, skills and current job to empower you, not enslave you.

CLARITY about what you want and why. Deconstruct the motives behind existing goals, let go of the ones keeping you small, and create new ones that fuel a freedom life.

The INSIGHT and WISDOM to recognise your ideas and make sense of them. Clear your mental baggage and make space for ideas to flourish.


CERTAINTY of the value you can create and the impact you can have. Take full ownership of your ability to change the world around you and leave the world a little happier than you found it.

The ABILITY to create your own vision and metrics for success. Break free from the status quo and expand your idea of what’s possible for you and others.

PERMISSION to create a freedom life right now. Stop waiting for opportunity and success to find you, or putting it off until next year; claim it now.


A new belief system that will help you tackle the outcomes of both failure and success.

Stacey Palmer, Future Entrepreneur

Stephanie is such an inspiration. I feel as though she's in my mind; I felt like she was hearing my thoughts, fears, concerns about starting up, and responding directly to them with logical reasoning and perspective shifts.  Her style is really raw and peppered with quotes and research. She has the gift of connecting with her audience in a really easy-going way. As someone in transition from corporate to entrepreneur, it really hits the spot for me.

Adam Bonnadio, Future Entrepreneur

Stephanie is a talented motivator — I feel rearing and ready to go — she's opened up my mind to possibility and empowered an uber-positive outlook. The content was amazing. It's a free flowing, fast paced yet structured style that takes you on a fun journey. It really revs you up. I got the feeling I could trust her completely in giving me direction. I particularly loved the content about how to create a 'thriving life' as well as her personal anecdotes and experiences.

Stephanie Ressort, Creative

Freedom Philosophy takes people out of their self-imposed and restricted comfort zones and challenges them to discover their own ‘zones of genius’. A truly expansive experience, you are challenged to identify your own, individual purpose so that you can use that as the source for your ‘freedom business’ inspiration.  A great resource for anyone who feels stuck in a career rut but has the audacity to dream of an alternative, more fulfilling way of life.

Tim Herring, Creative

Startup Without An Idea is honest, personable, impeccably researched and insightful. It has the perfect amount of flair and disregard for the rules. And there's a lot of love in this course. I'm a huge fan of the exercises; I like the bravery of the content & voice. The questions invoke the perfect degree of discomfort for me, guiding me to point where my foundations were really shaken. This course won't tell you want you want to hear. It'll force you to admit what you truly want.

Available from 6th January, 2016



DECEMBER 1 - 7, 2015 $97

Evergreen access to all 4 modules, including audio + written formats

PDF and digital worksheets for each class

Done-for-you resources, including recommended reading lists + research links

Free updates for all standard course materials as they are created

Bonus #1 - 3: 3 online masterclasses, including invitations to live classes

Bonus #4: Essential Startup Strategy Online Mini Course




As per early-bird offer


Bonus #3: Limited edition paperback copy of Freedom Philosophy [not available anywhere else]


It's a 100% online course that you complete over 4 weeks on your own schedule.

The course has 4 modules that take you through building a freedom life and crafting a thriving lifestyle to failure-proofing your mindset and building a foundation for a freedom business.

  • 20 mini classes split over 4 modules, delivered in audio + written formats

  • PDF worksheets for each class that you can complete digitally or with pen & paper

  • Done-for-you resources, reading recommendations and research links for each module

  • Bonus content to help you generate ideas and kick-start strategic action against them

Annie Dawson-LaForest, Future Entrepreneur

So down to earth and no bullshit. It's like she's sitting right next to me and actually coaching me live on how to get my act together and get started with my business. She anticipates the curveballs and objections one at a time, like she's in your head. The exercises help you internalize and visualize where you stand in your life and where you want to go, they pull you in and force a welcome introspection. Stephanie has a genuine interest in helping you identify your own meaning and purpose in a way that suits YOU.

Adrian Bonnadio, Future Entrepreneur

I found it truly refreshing and eye-opening. The course content is easy to follow and brilliantly entertaining. The questions are powerful, if you dare to answer them! She makes it easy to take action around the content; the theory + exercises fit together perfectly. She guides you through what it takes to create a strong foundation for a business that supports your vision of a 'freedom life'. It's full of life-hacks which is super useful for getting sh*t done and creating more purpose and meaning in your life in general.

It's designed for makers, creators and future entrepreneurs & game changers who want to live + work with passion, purpose and vision; and have an impact in the world around them.

Do you think about what it would be like to live, work and travel wherever and whenever you wanted - but don’t actually take any action around it because you’re afraid it’s not possible and don’t even know where to start?

Do you imagine how it would feel to be respected, powerful, independent, confident and in control of your own trajectory - yet feel powerless to create change and steer yourself in the right direction?

Do you want to create something you care about, watch it grow, and see’s its impact in the world around you - but not sure what your passion is, yet alone your purpose and your vision?

Do you dream of being your own boss and having your own business, but can’t put your finger on exactly what it would be, other than the fact that you love the idea of doing it? 

If you can tick one or more of the above then I designed this course for you.

What to expect ...

Learn from a specially crafted framework of personal development, spiritual, and holistic business strategies. 
Find out how Stephanie and other game-changing people throughout the ages have harnessed timeless wisdom and combined it with contemporary lifestyle strategies to generate more time, energy, and ideas.

Discover your driving force.
Define the epicentre of your passion, purpose and vision and how it enables you to stay in the game for the long haul regardless of success or failure.

An easy-to-follow, step-by-step guide to fulfil your life’s passion on a Universal level.
As you dare to answer the questions and dig deep into your own answers, you uncover a unique insight into how to bring your passions & purpose to life in multiple, limitless ways.

Learn a repeatable process for evolving your freedom life + vision over time.
This butt-kicking, clarity inducing, mind-liberating training can be used to kick your butt, inside clarity and liberate your mind again and again for the rest of your life.

Hi, I’m Stephanie Holland. I created my first business in January 2014 thinking I knew it all. I'd been consulting with entrepreneurs for five years after a decade in the corporate world and thought this gave me the credentials I needed to launch successfully.


I focused on commercial success so ferociously that everything I knew about cultivating healthy mind and happy lifestyle flew out the window. In the rush to prove that I knew what I was doing by generating results fast, I worked 24-7 to launch my ideas.

But I failed anyway.

Not at business, but at life! I secured a plum management role in my own life. Instead of showing up as leader + CEO of my life, I worked for my business instead of building a freedom business that worked for me.

Yes, I've worked for superb companies [Yahoo!, MSN, AOL Huffington Post] over 15 years as a media + marketing strategist; I've written books {Absolutely on Purpose, Generation Y], I've been published in magazines in Australia, US + the UK; and I write for Huffington Post, Medium + Leaders in Heels about life, art + entrepreneurship.

But even with all that experience and a passion for freedom mindset + lifestyle, I forgot to create a freedom life before starting up.

I created The Freedom Philosophy to teach you what no one else does - that the best business strategies, blueprints and frameworks in the world don't work unless you show up with entrepreneur mindset + lifestyle at the outset.

Don't become a Bloomberg statistic; don't be one of the 80-90% of startups that fail within the first 18 months. Build a freedom life, and then a business that supports it.

Thrive first. Build your empire second.

Early-bird offer 1st - 15th Dec 2015

the modules

Module 1:

Build a freedom life

  • The most powerful resource at your fingertips
  • The less time and money you have the better
  • The secret behind premium productivity
  • How to schedule more freedom
  • Bruce Lee and the Art of Perspective

Module 3:

Failure-Proof Your Mindset

  • How to keep your sanity 24/7
  • How to avoid comparisonitis
  • Why you should love your critics
  • How to use failure to succeed
  • Keep showing up (even when no one else does)

Module 2:

Craft a Thriving Lifestyle

  • The core pillars of a thriving life
  • Your four critical rhythms and why they must be synched
  • The key to unlocking entrepreneurial mindset
  • The secret to feeling refreshed and revitalised 24/7
  • The ultimate recipe for a vital life

Module 4:

The Building Blocks of a Freedom Business

  • Why you need to identify and smash through your glass bubbles
  • Your premium life and how to create it
  • Two ways to bullet-proof your ideas
  • The super power that wont let you quit
  • How to use the law of averages to build momentum

Bonus Content

These online masterclasses are designed to help you generate business ideas and help you explore, evolve and validate them before you startup, while you're still working.

Bonus 1:

How to Start a Business on Less than a Week’s Pay Online Masterclass

Learn how to explore and validate your ideas for less than $300 while you’re still working.

90 min video and PDF worksheet

Bonus 3:

Generate Business Ideas Non-Stop Online Masterclass

Learn how to use your passion, purpose and vision to generate ideas on tap.

60 min video and PDF worksheet

Bonus 2:

How to Start the Right Business Online Masterclass

Learn how to create a commercially viable business that aligns with what really matters to you.

60 min video and PDF worksheet

Bonus 4:

Essential Startup Strategy - The Mini Course

A simple, high-impact framework designed for fledgling entrepreneurs who want to launch their ideas into the world with clarity, vision and IMPACT.

3 x 10 min video tutorials
3 x PDF worksheets

Early-bird offer 1st - 15th Dec 2015

I feel energised and capable of changing the world.

This perfectly filled a gap that was stopping me from fulfilling my life’s passion on a universal level. It has found me after much success, still struggling to get my big idea out of the gates. It’s helped me, a seasoned entrepreneur discover what is holding me back. THANK YOU, THANK YOU. The combination of insightful quotes, realistic approaches and the holistic strategy are mind blowing. It resonates with me on so many levels (business + life + spiritual). I’m a scientist and a skeptic—you have entranced me and expanded my thinking about not only what is possible (i get that!), but HOW it is possible.

Do I have to do this course in 4 weeks? +

However, it’s recommended to do one module a week for four weeks to generate momentum and benefit from the layered approach of the module. Do what works for you and fits with your timetable.

I can't start on the 6th Jan. Can I still get the early-bird pricing? +

You can start and complete the course content whenever you like. Simple purchase within the early-bird offer period to access the early-bird pricing.

If I already have a business, is this for me? +

The course is about creating and empowered mindset and crafting a freedom life and can be used at any stage of life and business. It’s for anyone who wants to live bigger, feel better, and shine brighter, while making an impact in the world around them with their ideas and work.

What are the course materials? +

Bonus materials include 3 online masterclasses and  ‘Essential Startup Strategy’ online mini course which are available to you from Week 5.

What can I expect from the training? +

It’s the first pre-business strategy training integral to business success. Stephanie lays bare the nuts & bolts of solid foundation for a freedom life + business, and lays bare the sham of commercial success so you can craft a vision unique to you and your true goals. No more hiding behind excuses and using failure as an excuse not to follow your ideas. This course will smash through every excuse you have ever had to not follow your dreams. If you do the work.

Is there a payment plan? +

In future when the course cost increases there may be payment plans on offer.

Can I get a refund if I don't like the course? +

If you have questions or concerns about the course, materials or requirements, please email hello@wildvisionstrategy.co before you make a purchase.

JOIN NOW to create a freedom life + business.

Create an unshakeable foundation.
Create something and watch it grow.
Annihilate the threat of failure.
Eliminate the competition.
Thrive in every way regardless of success or failure.