The DIY Guide
to Creating a Freedom Business
for Fledgling & Future Entrepreneurs.

If there was a step by step process that could guarantee your personal success, would you finally bite the bullet and launch your ideas or start your own business?

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The Freedom Philosophy Classes is a DIY Startup Guide for designed for makers, creators and future entrepreneurs & game changers who want to live + work with passion, purpose and vision; and make an impact in the world around them.

It helps you cut through the bullshit and smash through your upper limits so you can move forward in your life  + business with absolute clarity & momentum that would make an Olympian seethe with envy.

Created by ...

Me, Stephanie Holland, a strategist, storyteller and dot connector who played the corporate game {Yahoo!, msn, AOL Huffington Post} until I crafted my own freedom life model and a more meaningful way to use my strategic skill set to impact the heart of humanity.

I’ve combined all my strategic, business and life experience + learnings over the last 15 years into a 4-week, step-by-step, repeatable multimedia online course.

The Freedom Philosophy Classes train you to be your own life + business mentor.

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